Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow Bird

     We had another big February snow a couple of day's ago.
     This one was a hum-dinger! I think it dropped the most snow of the entire season in a short time.
It was obvious if it melted off by itself it would be a long time coming, especially since the last storms remnants were still thick, frozen, and extremely solid under the new depths.
     Shovels were retrieved from the patio's recess's, once more being brought into action. It was much easier to motivate myself to get out there and get after it, after the sun brightened view from the front window showed the kindness of neighbors who had been compassionate enough to shovel the very front walk before I rousted myself out of bed.
     I got a good amount...for me...done before reinforcements arrived.
     I really could not have done it without our young friend's strength, and determination!
     Once the front shoveling was done, we voted that the rest really could melt off.
     Out back we trudged to view the playground of Busy Momma and Tiny Dancer. I took pity on Honey's plight of being at work and noticing the slide of the snows from the tin roof of his man cave/garage I cleared a single line out as far as I could for him, when I noticed this weird sight...

     We have had an influx of birds returning, but I have never seen anything like this before...did the poor bird fall? Was it taking a polar bear plunge? Was it a flying fish that was a long-long way off base?
     With no other signs around than what is pictured, it will be put down on the long time mystery list.

How is that for a good end of season snowstorm and mystery? I'm good with it!

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