Monday, March 7, 2011


Do you ever find yourself wishing for a more interesting life?

I confess that every now and then I do.

I get tired of doing laundry and dishes, I get tired of waiting for my non-existent house elf to appear, and that darned bathroom fairy has been an epic fail...and that leaves me with all the day in- day out 'stuff'.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job, along with everyone I do my job for...its just that sometimes...I might be found asking if something could come along that might be a little out of the ordinary?

Something to make me stop and scratch my head and take notice?

Then it happens...

A routine drive through the winter bleak canyon has Honey and I looking out at the same snow and mud dappled landscape we have seen for...well, all our lives...then it happens!

A change!

Honey: "Oh look, they moved the Moose."
Me: "No they didn't, that one moved."
Honey: "Are you sure?"
Me: "Yep. There's the wooden one."
Honey: "Sure is. Its not often you see a Moose in this canyon." He muses as he continues steadily on the way.
Me: "Turn around and let me take some pictures of it?!"
Honey: " Are you sure? Right here?...well...huhgh (I don't quite know how to spell that sound he always makes)."

Today isn't the day he suddenly starts slamming on the breaks so I can jump out and take pictures, but headway is made as he reluctantly turns and miss shutterbug starts snapping away...

After meeting up with a pastel of people for breakfast, plans are made and off we go for muckie weather entertainment.
Incognito exercise, better known as a lot of laughs, and a ton of fun, with most of the same gaggle of breakfasters, off wii go bowling the afternoon away.

Even when your in the house I think it's a good thing to look out the window's now and again. Simply because you may miss an interesting diversion...
After all, you never really know where, or how, the hum-drum may be changed up by a little-glimpsing of a rare Moose on a routine drive through the canyon or watching a bird dog sitting on a bush? 
I guess he needed a change too.

So if you get like me (and apparently Teddy), feeling the need for something interesting to happen, a change, on bleak dragging not quite spring day's, it might just be as easy as looking out your window's...or...teaching yourself to climb a really big bush.

One thing I do know is, I better rethink which camera I use as my 'grab n go' . (0.o)

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