Monday, March 28, 2011

I Look At Clouds

Yesterday I saw this cloud, just sort of hanging there in the sky, it made me think of a zillion things.

 It looks like a heart...And that made me think of all the people I love, and all the people that love me. Gives a warm fuzzy to think about those things.

They also looked like angel wings...And that made me think of all the people I know and love who have died. Long ago and recently. It also made me think of all the people in my life who are Angel's to me.  But best of all it reminded me that when one pair of our own wings wears out, if we look around we can find a spare pair.

The way it hung, suspended and apart from the other's, its density, strength and fragility reminded me of each of us.
How often do we feel like we don't fit in, like we may not have anything in common with other's or that no one understands the particular place we are at in life. Like gray day's. Suspended in our different life experiences.
Other times we may feel at the top of our game, strong and confident.
Possibly we feel as fragile as a dissipating cloud formation...

This cloud sort of hanging there, made me think of like...a zillion things.

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