Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pinning High Hopes On The Weather

You know when your ready for something to change and it just seems to take forever ?
I'm like that.
I am ready for something to just "give". I thought if the snow would just melt...

Everything would change with it.
All the heart wrenching things of life would just stop. At least for a while. Things would change and I would find myself doing ok, even without the new haircut I can't really decide on.
The snow has melted, trees are showing the first signs of budding, most day's are warm and when a storm does blow through it brings rain now...
Rain is good. It is a change. I love its smell and sounds. But it didn't bring the changes I had been hoping for.
Oh it isn't the rains fault. Its doing the best it can to bring changes to the world I live in. But unfortunately it can't reach into all the corners of my life, that I wish, could have the winter type build up of sludge washed from even the tiniest cracks.
Now I'm wondering if the sun will bring the changes I'm hoping and praying for?
Not all the changes I'm wishing for are for me. No. Many are for the people I love. The friends and family I see struggling, with the things life is piling on them...like sand and salt build up from a long hard winters road.
I wish a good spring rain could wash the pains and troubles from their lives as easily as it washes the world down for the new things Spring can bring.

I guess I pin high hopes on the weather...

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  1. I love the rain. My favorite primary song is "Baptism", about washing the world clean. Hope the rain gets all the dirt out!