Monday, June 27, 2011


I have a great imagination!

It has always had a way of settin me to lookin an a thinkin...



Funny thing about that? I am, a daydream believer. And proud of it.

Fact of the matter is, if there were a contest for us castle building, head trippin, idealistic, Don Quixote types...I could be very much in the running for the top spot.
Why I could be, Woolgathering Queen!!

Being a person who enjoys thoughts of grandeur, dreams of becoming outstanding in my field...
Which ever field I tend to be gathering wool in at the moment... 

Don't look at me like that...I have a lot of fields of dreams in which to play.
One of my favorites, is to go take a picture of a house I was introduced to last Fall. It is a place of magic that I plan to get pictures of for each season.
Just because, I can look at this house and gather a lot of wool.

I'm sure it's grounds are filled with Fairies, unicorn's and uncommonly great places to sit and just watch the world from.
Can't you just imagine sitting on a swing hug below the pine tree, gently swaying with a warm morning breeze, watching the sun come up? Or a cool evening breeze sluffing away the cares of the day and wrapping you in the fold of happy memories?
Or it may conger dreams of wonderful tea parties, knights, and magic dragon's...

Ahh, yes... I do so enjoy my imagination.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love My Ride

Today I went to the chiropractor to see what the x-ray's had to say about the state of my bones.
I was not to thrilled with what I saw.
Because while I understand that I am getting...not as young as I once was. I am also not as old as I hope to one day be.
It would sure be nice to get there not being "all stove up".
Because truth be told-I love my ride...

It happened like this.
I noticed a few things changing that I was ready to stock up to the aging process.
Because lets face it, even though my head still tells me I'm 21, my ride is starting to point and laugh with much more regularity than I feel comfortable with.
My neck hurt in the mornings, I was loosing range of motion in turning my head to the left, and my left shoulder was starting to 'pain me' when I would reach for things or not.
Not to mention that old 'work injury' making my hip hurt more and more. Which in turn makes my stride a tiny bit different, which makes my feet work a smidge different...
The ride is starting to loose some of it's super human powers of youth, and I think it should not be so.
There is no fountain of youth to go dive into and wallow around in until my fingers and toes are pruny, so I must look elsewhere for mobility aides.
I started to do Tia Chi a few years back, I didn't stick with it for one reason or another.
Next came a few free classes at yoga jo's.
Yoga to has fallen nearly by the wayside.

Please notice I said, nearly.

Not all the way gone, I practice every once in a blue moon.

The trip to my new chiropractor is helping me see the importance of resurrecting the Tia Chi, while at the same time being more serious about yoga.
Because you see, while my ride is not the mustang of my youth, neither is it a model T of osteoporosis. Right now I am going to try to make it my prius of longevity.

                           Picture from google search

Yes I do love my ride, and want to take care of it so that it in turn will take care of me for the long haul.
Now to go find those DVDs and get started.

NAMASTE,  “I bow to the divine in you”. Namaste is a traditional Indian greeting of respect and thank you, with spiritual and symbol meaning. This is done with your palms pressed together in the middle of your forehead (third eye) or at your heart, and lightly bow your head and shoulders.

ASANAS Also called Yoga Postures, Asanas are gentle stretching movements designed to help balance the mind and body. Learn the different Yoga Postures in our Yoga Exercise - Yoga Postures and Poses section.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What ever happened to real notes, cards and letters?

Don't get me wrong.

I love txting, email's and facebook, because I can stay in touch a lot faster with a lot more people. Often it's the only way we stay in touch.

But I still like getting a note, card or letter by snail mail.
It just makes me smile all over.

When we were in Alaska we were more excited to get mail than food!

We would be scattered about all our various activities around camp, when someplace in the distance you would hear the sound of an airplane's engine.
Everyone would listen but continue with their tasks.

The sound would grow closer, if it was a large plane only those who were to meet it would gather at the top of the packed dirt runway to get ready to unload.

If it was a single engine.

Everyone would pause looking up to see it clear the bald mountain at the end of our little valley.

Then the magic would begin to happen.
It was like you could feel it crackling in the air, feel it's presence enter the valley.

Someone would point and yell "Mail's here!". he call would travel across the cotton grass and fire weed laced tundra like an eagle's cry kissing the earth.
Men would come from their cramped little sleeping quarters, down from the shop, or towel wrapped from the homemade sauna.
Men would look up from the sluice box, heavy equipment, or the bob cat.  If they were lucky enough to be on the other side of the hill fishing, they would cut the trip short, tossing everything in the trucks to race the descending air craft.
(If you were working underground, you didn't know anything until shift change).
Women would emerge from the kitchen wiping their hands on their pant legs or aprons and the children would start to dance the mail jig we all felt like dancing!
Everyone would converge on the dinning hall, finding a place to sit or stand, to wait for the pilot to bring down the mail bag's. Placing them on the head table. The pilot would begin pulling packages and letter's out, calling out the name like a Christmas package from Saint Nick himself.
Every letter or package brought with it a moment of silence until the name was called, the recipient racing forward to gather the treasured item, then would either fade back to their spot to be sure there were no more. Or shuffle off to open them.
I watched as mail ripped open from excitement, with paper flying like a kid on Christmas morning. I watched as it was opened with a reverence of a prayer, and the trembling finger's of anticipation.
The mail brought news of home.
The only way we could get it usually.
Always the mail bag's seemed to miss a few who would either trudge dejectedly back to try to get some sleep before their shift, or they would linger and share in the news that was sent from "home" to the other's.
The mail was our only real connection with the world. It was our only connection to home, our only source of news. It brought to us news of birth's, accomplishments, children's art, clothing, book's, it even brought news of breakup's and divorce. But the hardest news it brought was of death's. The mail took us home in many way's.

So yes. I look forward to txt's, email's, and checking in on everyone on facebook. 

But a single engine "puddle jumper's" sound can elicit those same feelings from our mail bag gatherings, creating an unalterable urge in me to go check the mail box to this day!

Because real mail.
The kind written by hand. 
The kind discovered in the mail.
That is not a bill.
Still makes everyone feel emotions in often indescribable way's.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finding Balance

Creating new norm's, spreading your wings, feng shui, strengthening your chakra's, clearing your plate, calming down, taking time to breathe, stepping back for a new view...
However we say it.
However we do it.
It all boils down to finding balance. In any and all area's of our lives.
Sometimes we don't know what we are trying to balance, we just know that balance has been lost causing us to not only want, but, need, it back.

Being a creature of habit.
Liking my routines very much thank you, finding comfort in their consistency.
While at the same time becoming fidgety in my ever increasing confines. Longing to break free of many of them, creating new habits, routines and a lot less rigid invisible self imposed regimes along with redefined boundaries.
Longing to find balance.

So I started to implement changes in my world once again. Not huge earth shattering changes. (At least not yet.)
I brought in an arm full of flowers from the yard...

Noticing that while I try to tell those who mean the most to me that I love them often, I have been forgetting to let me know I love me.
That is not an easy thing for many of us to do I know.
I also know, it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and those you love.

Finding balance after spending years growing comfortable in your routines and surroundings can be a bit overwhelming.
So I chose to...
Dive in head first.
By starting to play with dormant dreams, painting, writing a book, that I am having so much fun doing by the way. Picked up my camera's again, got a kayak (even though my fear of water is deeply ingrained). Why I even started walking. My favorite walks are actually at night in snow storms, or rain with a really big umbrella. I started doing a morning cup of yoga .   
I also contacted a few people offering free e-courses, a few others who I hope to be working with soon in area's I didn't even know existed. Ordered a stack of books on new subjects that interest me immensely.
And after seven years of not rearranging any furniture, in any room.
I did.
We have all sorts of feng shui going on up in here now.
The things I have found great joy in as I've matured are still with me and thriving. The stuff I've hung onto, in case someone, someday, might need them, I'm finding I can let go of now. Old mental blocks are breaking away to new understanding. I stopped beating myself up for things I think other people think I should or shouldn't be doing, when I know the logic they aren't privy to.
The kid in me is daring to come out and play again.

However, the most interesting thing I see happening as I find balance, is that those who have been silently watching me, notice the things I am doing, and are starting to play with things to bring new balance into their lives too. 

Finding balance is a process that is filled with events in several area's of our lives , It is a growing living thing that isn't done once and set in stone, it is something we are able to work with all the time.
So whether you are working on improving your inner balance or your not falling over balance...
Remember we are all divine.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Second Childhood

I am seldom without a camera and finding that with the age of digital camera's there are many, many folks like myself, who pack at least one camera with them all the time, for those 'just in case' moments.
That means that we are looking for the 'photograph', the 'picture', the 'capture of memories', where ever they may turn up.
And one of my favorite things to watch is the sky.
It is always changing and can not be truly duplicated.
Is not this most beautiful?

When I was growing up I would hear the grown ups talking about people they knew, who 'thought they were in their second childhood', like it might be considered to be a scandal.
I wondered what they meant.
Did we get two? What about being a teen ager, was that different? And just how old did you have to be to get this second one?

All very important questions to be sure.

As I have gotten taller, I have learned many lessons on life and would like to share some of my vast stores of knowledge with you.

No. Not all of us have two childhoods. 
Unfortunately some don't even have one.

Teen is a different age and thing altogether, revolving in a world usually all its own.

A second childhood can come at really any age.

Mine never really left me totally, though I'm sure that people who knew me during my three teen age years might beg to differ.

But you know I've found that when you really start to dream that anything is possible again. That you can reach the long forgotten or even the never knew you had dreams and goals...that...that right there is when you hear the grown ups talking about you being in your second childhood.

And that, my friends, is where I have been able to live for a long while now. But even that world is finding new height's and breadth's...

As many of you  know I have been fancying myself a photographer, author and recent R'teest...My first semi serious attempt at painting was ok.
Then one day while Tiny Dancer and I were playing in the water colors I started painting myself...and much to my surprise I found...


However you don't really just wake up one day and decide to become.
I'm finding that it is a process.
That involves a certain amount of letting go, and that very often we have dream blocks that we have in our thoughts that need to be removed, reassigned, or just plain old gotten rid of.
It helps to have a goal in mind, with a certain kind of plan to reach the place you want to be.

I have been lucky enough to be finding the help and encouragement I have been looking for. The gentle pushes and pulling to lock me securely in dream mode...The cheering section.
One of the best Cheer leaders I have is, Fashion Designer grand daughter, Who graciously helped me get a plan in place to become...

It is true that I have many irons in the fires of 'second childhood', searching many old and new dreams and directions.
With my latest dream in the baby steps beginning stages...
To help coach others to find and follow their dreams to a happier life.

Because the sky may not be the limits after all ;)