Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Love My Ride

Today I went to the chiropractor to see what the x-ray's had to say about the state of my bones.
I was not to thrilled with what I saw.
Because while I understand that I am getting...not as young as I once was. I am also not as old as I hope to one day be.
It would sure be nice to get there not being "all stove up".
Because truth be told-I love my ride...

It happened like this.
I noticed a few things changing that I was ready to stock up to the aging process.
Because lets face it, even though my head still tells me I'm 21, my ride is starting to point and laugh with much more regularity than I feel comfortable with.
My neck hurt in the mornings, I was loosing range of motion in turning my head to the left, and my left shoulder was starting to 'pain me' when I would reach for things or not.
Not to mention that old 'work injury' making my hip hurt more and more. Which in turn makes my stride a tiny bit different, which makes my feet work a smidge different...
The ride is starting to loose some of it's super human powers of youth, and I think it should not be so.
There is no fountain of youth to go dive into and wallow around in until my fingers and toes are pruny, so I must look elsewhere for mobility aides.
I started to do Tia Chi a few years back, I didn't stick with it for one reason or another.
Next came a few free classes at yoga jo's.
Yoga to has fallen nearly by the wayside.

Please notice I said, nearly.

Not all the way gone, I practice every once in a blue moon.

The trip to my new chiropractor is helping me see the importance of resurrecting the Tia Chi, while at the same time being more serious about yoga.
Because you see, while my ride is not the mustang of my youth, neither is it a model T of osteoporosis. Right now I am going to try to make it my prius of longevity.

                           Picture from google search

Yes I do love my ride, and want to take care of it so that it in turn will take care of me for the long haul.
Now to go find those DVDs and get started.

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