Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Second Childhood

I am seldom without a camera and finding that with the age of digital camera's there are many, many folks like myself, who pack at least one camera with them all the time, for those 'just in case' moments.
That means that we are looking for the 'photograph', the 'picture', the 'capture of memories', where ever they may turn up.
And one of my favorite things to watch is the sky.
It is always changing and can not be truly duplicated.
Is not this most beautiful?

When I was growing up I would hear the grown ups talking about people they knew, who 'thought they were in their second childhood', like it might be considered to be a scandal.
I wondered what they meant.
Did we get two? What about being a teen ager, was that different? And just how old did you have to be to get this second one?

All very important questions to be sure.

As I have gotten taller, I have learned many lessons on life and would like to share some of my vast stores of knowledge with you.

No. Not all of us have two childhoods. 
Unfortunately some don't even have one.

Teen is a different age and thing altogether, revolving in a world usually all its own.

A second childhood can come at really any age.

Mine never really left me totally, though I'm sure that people who knew me during my three teen age years might beg to differ.

But you know I've found that when you really start to dream that anything is possible again. That you can reach the long forgotten or even the never knew you had dreams and goals...that...that right there is when you hear the grown ups talking about you being in your second childhood.

And that, my friends, is where I have been able to live for a long while now. But even that world is finding new height's and breadth's...

As many of you  know I have been fancying myself a photographer, author and recent R'teest...My first semi serious attempt at painting was ok.
Then one day while Tiny Dancer and I were playing in the water colors I started painting myself...and much to my surprise I found...


However you don't really just wake up one day and decide to become.
I'm finding that it is a process.
That involves a certain amount of letting go, and that very often we have dream blocks that we have in our thoughts that need to be removed, reassigned, or just plain old gotten rid of.
It helps to have a goal in mind, with a certain kind of plan to reach the place you want to be.

I have been lucky enough to be finding the help and encouragement I have been looking for. The gentle pushes and pulling to lock me securely in dream mode...The cheering section.
One of the best Cheer leaders I have is, Fashion Designer grand daughter, Who graciously helped me get a plan in place to become...

It is true that I have many irons in the fires of 'second childhood', searching many old and new dreams and directions.
With my latest dream in the baby steps beginning stages...
To help coach others to find and follow their dreams to a happier life.

Because the sky may not be the limits after all ;)

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