Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Simple Truth

I have a lot of blocks in my head that I have recently started questioning.

One of those blocks is that I have often thought I was not very good at art.
I thought I was really actually, quite horrid at it.

It was a very large and solid block that was placed in my thoughts for many years.

I blamed it on some one else putting it there.

The simple truth is, it was there, and if I wanted it moved I had to move it.

Someone encouraged me to challenge myself and dare to try.

I accepted the challenge.
I put my name on it and I picked it up.

I started that quilt, I picked up that camera, I got the art supplies, I started writing that book...

And while I'm no Rembrandt, Cecil Beeton, or Nora Roberts...I can now say, yet.

I have gathered other's to join me in the adventure's where we have been doodling, among other things, with pencil, art journal, canvas's and watercolor...
I have many artistic people in my family who are encouraging me, I try to encourage them too.

I will tell you another simple truth.

While I'm no Rembrandt, Beeton, Roberts yet, I am having a blast trying out different things.

I am having a blast seeing what is blooming in mine and other's amazing selves.

So if you think you can't, your right.
But if you think you can you are also right.

What you think can be changed.

Today, try something new, or something old that you left behind...
Please, what ever your it is.
Have FUN with it!

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