Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shaking Things Up

When we are children we usually have very few cares in the world.
As we grow up, some of us, still like to cut lose and be a little carefree ourselves while sharing time with those life loving youngsters.

Yesterday was rainy.

The day before that was too.

As was the one before that.

And this one is too.

And the next one was expected to be.

What do you do, when you have had a taste of the warmth of outdoor freedoms, after a long winter and then, all the sudden there it is...right back to being stuck inside, a lot?

Invent ways to cut lose inside, I say!

Build a tent out of a card table in the front room, make your own play dough, paint lots of stuff...then what?!

Kids have a way of finding things to do, and while most of the time they are not hidden fun times, every now and again you just have to do something...not ordinary.

You have to cut lose and shake things up!

Like when you discover baby powder for your sore toe-toe, and find other things that may need this most wonderful of finds!

Sometimes you have to have a controlled burn, or controlled powdering as it were.

We had such a time, contained to a bathroom with a full baby powder container emptied, to the shear delight and dancing of a little "white dostie"...

Then the clean up came along.

And you know, while she washed the powder in, with a splashing bath, I did the dirty work...  Loving every minute of it!

You have to love the smell of Johnson & Johnson Lavender & Chamomile baby powder don't you?!


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  1. Oh, what a nice grandma! I think every kid (and grown up) needs to let loose like that!! Good for you!