Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Me and My Worries

It's true.
I am a scaredy cat~worry wort of the biggest kind.

I have more phobia's of the wrong thing spilling out of my well exercised mouth, than I ever had of spiders or even snakes. Combined!
I have learned over the years that I give, not bad, but, horrible directions, they often make mud look clear!
The tendency to try to be funny and be taken wrong, or unintentionally hurting someones feelings or altering the way a person might view me is the Big Mama of all my verbal imagery fears. And I can not even begin, to tell you the amount of time I have spent in tossing, turning, turmoil over such things.
Especially at night, when the tossing and turning are more easily done, and when those worries have time to noisily run amok through my never quieting brain. 
Sometimes I find out that the worry was for good reason. Other times I am put at ease about such fears.
It seems I am more worrisome about saying the wrong things when I am tired, or...well lets face it. When I'm awake.
Don't get me wrong, I don't wake up and think,'Today I'm going to really go out there and make a butt of myself to at least 3 people by noon!'
No, it's generally a surprise, followed quickly by self mental attacking, causing me to want to stand and bang my head against the wall of 'open mouth insert foot up to knee'.
All because of what I should have said, or should not have said, or should have sounded different when I said...oh the list of self floggings in this area could go on, and on!
So I will just leave it at the fact that I am a big mouth, scardy cat~worry wort, and will now try to can the chatter in my head and get some sleep...or, spend a little more time chasing that new little worry around my head, just a little bit more.


  1. Dear Missy,

    I can so relate to this post and, as if there weren't enought to worry about already, my mouth scares me too! And for good reason! Scripture says that a ship is directed by a tiny rudder - and so the body is directed by the mouth! And just when WHAT I say worries me, I am capable of worrying about what I DON'T say too!

    So there, we're twins on this subject! :-) (Gosh, I hope I didn't say anything stupid or offensive or... :-) :-) Lots of love, Kristi, and a BIG hug for Aunt Betty and Aunt Janet!

  2. I can't imagine this from you- I've never thought you said the wrong thing!