Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is It Really A Weed?

I have some flowers that I planted last year, that should not have come back this year.
Does that make them a weed?
Or just persistent.

I guess it could be argued either way.
We are the sort of folks that figure, because it hung in there making its way back this spring, after being buried under mountainous piles of snow, it has earned its place.
As well as its peace.

Thus securing it's status as a flower.

Our debate now, is about this little guy... 

Honey has always tried to convince me that the "Dandy-Lion" is a weed, and must not be seen in our yard.
Heaven forbid one should venture to turn up in or near a flower or vegetable garden! 
That sends this old farm boy into a near panic state of emergency, leading to 'removal at all cost' mode.
I, on the other hand have enjoyed this delightful little 'flower' since I can remember.
Why it can tell you if you like butter, just by holding it under your chin on a sunny day!
I know, because my Daddy showed me long ago. My children gathered them by the handful, bringing them to me tightly clutched in dirty little hands, with smiles as bright as the bloom itself.
 So to me it will always be  More than just a weed .

I remember going to barbecues in the springs our early years of marriage, that were affectionately dubbed, "The dandelion festival".
A large group of folks would gather early in the morning around this time of year, then head for the ditch banks and filed edges of local farmer's, who had agreed to let our friend gather before spraying to rid the area of the noxious weeds.   
From the flowers gathered he would make  Dandelion Wine.
Last years harvest would be ready to open and be sampled.
I remember the golden colored liquid in the glasses looked as warm and comfortable as the fields they were gathered from.
Back then, I was somewhat a prude, the dictionary worded it well when it described me as; a person who is excessively proper or modest in speech, conduct, dress, etc. So alas, I can not tell you the flavor.
 (That is a story for a different day, it could be titled, 'How I thought people thought I should be: and almost lost myself trying' ) .

picture from google search

So the friendly debate continues at our house.
 'Is it really a weed?'

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