Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby its COLD outside!!!

I was just thinking how the weather, from indoors can be so deceiving.

The sky can be blue and it may feel so warm if you happen to be lucky enough to sit by a window for a while. Double lucky if you can sit by a window with a book, and the sun shining in.

The snow starts to melt off. And our minds turn to Spring.

But wait! It's only the end of January-so you know that even if the weather is playing trick's with your itch to get outside and start playing in the dirt, tomorrow you may wake up to a ton of snow-again.

I thought as you are basking in the warm winter glow of your computer monitor I'd share some of the beauties I've found in the great frozen world of January.

I took all of these in January 2008-5 of them were, do-do-do lookin out my back door.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Dance

Today is our 33rd wedding anniversary.

Over the past few days we have been reminiscing, and talking about the many different things we have done over the years.

The adventures, the joys, the pains, the learning and the love we have for each other.

Marriage is a lot like a dance. You find a partner, and head out on the floor, you might step on each others toes now and then learning the steps and how to work together. Once that is done, a tempo change might throw you off a little now and then. Your hands might get a little sweaty and start to slip. You make the adjustments and off you go again-thinking what a wonderful feeling it is to be in the arms of some one you trust so completely--

I am so very truly blessed to have been found and loved by such a man.

Oh, and this dance?

I wouldn't have missed it for the world!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have been busy...

My Honey and I have been busy this past week-end. The Littlest Princess is liking to play things using her imagination-we already have "the little cupboard", I was going to get my old doll crib down for her to play with and we decided instead to make one.

Working together, we took a pattern from the old one and traced it onto the wood, honey did all the cutting and building. He thought it should be "tweaked a little" so we did another. We both painted them off white...

We sent one to the Littlest Prencess' house and kept one here.

Mommy, Princess and I went to the sticker store and got some that we liked to decorate them...

Here is the one they took home;

And here is the one that will stay here...

I just need to make a mattress and pillow for each of them and maybe a little doll blanket if I get really ambitious...
Honey and I are thinking about making some more of them, and having a craft sale in our drive way in Sept. and seeing if other people are interested in buying them.
We always had "imagination toy's" when we were young and our kids had mostly "imagination toys" too...
Littlest Princess has been playing with them for 2 day's now and is having a ton of fun with them!!
And for those times when she is feeling the need to "fly" around the house. We have been using an old dish towel, but I tried my hand at making an honest to goodness cape-I always wanted one myself, I was an old bath towel or dish towel flyer myslef, and I made one for the boy's for when they were feeling like "Supermen" .
She especially likes to jump on the bed and watch it fluttering in the mirror...
We have other Little Princes and Princess' who need these too-and we have BIG Princes' and Princess' who need us to think of things for them-as we do I'll post them too. Also we are open to any hints, suggestions and input as Honey and I try to think of things that we spent hours having fun with, that other's might like too.
Honey and I are thinking about adding them to that "Craft Sale List"...
Who knows, maybe some one will want some before Fall-and we'll be in business!

Imagination is a beautiful thing!!! Find way's to use yours and encourage others!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Brass Monkey Day's Of January

Well, It's that time of year.

Its cold enough out side to freeze brass monkeys. Its when we try to find things inside to keep us feeling super in any way...

We just want to find a comfortable chair and put our feet up with the things we love...

You hate going outside because your breath is usually in cloud form hoovering in front of you, but your getting cabin fever and want to do something-but what?!

A friend of mine told me that when she was a little girl she remembers January being the month that her Mom and Grandma would get all their quilt squares cut out for the year and get the other things together for projects they needed to do during the year~then when the weather was warm they could just go get everything and not be stuck inside. And they would work on things that covered their laps when it was so cold.

By George-I think they had something there!

So I have been looking at things I need to make, mend and other wise do this year, I have made a list and am working on getting those things together now, so that they will be ready to "travel" with me when the months get warmer. I wont have to hunt everything up, because I will have gotten it all together before...(one of the biggest tests will be if I can remember where I put it once I get it together~ha, ha).

If it works out I will let you know.

But besides being the coldest month this year~it is also the month when the days are getting longer, a little bit at a time, but longer none the less.

Do you realize that we have about a half hour longer of day light now than we did at Christmas time? Yep, yep, yep.

We have also had some very nice days, and I have yanked out ye ol camera to document the beauties that I glimpse now and are just a few....

And no, I didn't go out side to take them~are you kidding?! It may look warm, but no, no, no, it is not at all. I took these pictures from the relative warmth of the house, out the windows actually.
It is sights like these let me know that Spring will come. Maybe not this month, but it will come.
So find the chair that gives you comfort, do those things that help you feel productive and "super" and help you through the cabin fever times...And don't forget to look out your windows now and then to see how beautiful it can be even when its freezing out there!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Pictures?

Sorry about the pictures being out of order- I am still in the figuring out process. So they are posted here upside down-I am getting the hang of it a little better as the posting goes...That is I hope I am...

Ever wonder why people like pictures so much?

I have liked them for as long as I can remember. The picture books with interesting things hidden in them that you had to find, the "Idea's Scrap Book" little girl dressed in a blue coat with white gloves... people and places in the wooden photo album Mom kept. The pictures Grampa would reverently take out and show us sometimes.

Mom loved pictures too. She used to carry a little brown Kodak movie camera all over the place.

She loved to try to capture us kids, red sunsets, fires, rainbows, Fall colors...and with her picture camera she would take snap shots of wild life, (the animal kind too, not just us kids), flowers, trees and what ever she liked I guess.

So maybe that's where I got my weirdness of taking my camera almost every place with me. ( I am guilty of using my camera bag for a purse if I think I may need my camera while I'm out).
I have loved taking pictures for a long time now- (I think I have a box full of film that I couldn't afford to get developed in a closet someplace).

So digital camera's are awesome for me, because I can see right away what worked and what didn't, and I can get them on the computer right away and use them on my screen saver the same day!!

Mom would have loved that, and us kids, like my kids would have rolled our eye's and never like to pose for them either.

I started to get serous about photography by doing landscapes, buildings and vignettes like these;
( this is the part of blogging I'm still not real clear on, so if you could scroll down to see the rest? That would be wonderful ).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

Well it seems the New Year has done the same to me that Christmas did. Yes I knew it was coming, and I had plans to have all my resolutions and all in order, to be able to start them all on the first.

Didn't happen.

But that's the beauty of it all, I didn't have to start everything on the first, I can start it any old time I want to because every day can be a first day.

How often do we think that because we didn't start to do something on a certain day, or because we were doing well at our goals then-opps-didn't do them for a while, that we have terminated the whole thing?

Well I would just like to say that is a bunch of Hog-Wash!

After all it is Me, I, am the one who is ultimately in charge of if I make a goal and then if I give up it was ME, not the goal or that I got to busy, or...When I do get my goal's / resolutions set up for 2009. I am right here giving myself permission to start them as needed.

What does that mean?-you ask-
Just this. I have a beginning of a list of things I would like to accomplish or start to work on this year, but my list is short right now-3 things-and I have a few more in mind, but the fact is I can't start them all at once or I will more than likely not be successful at any of them because I will have overloaded myself. But I can start the first thing and then as I get that going I can add more of the things I would like to do...

I know it sounds a little weird, but then again consider the source.

So On New Year's Eve I happened to be in the car driving and saw this beautiful sun set view and would like to share it here.