Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Why Pictures?

Sorry about the pictures being out of order- I am still in the figuring out process. So they are posted here upside down-I am getting the hang of it a little better as the posting goes...That is I hope I am...

Ever wonder why people like pictures so much?

I have liked them for as long as I can remember. The picture books with interesting things hidden in them that you had to find, the "Idea's Scrap Book" little girl dressed in a blue coat with white gloves... people and places in the wooden photo album Mom kept. The pictures Grampa would reverently take out and show us sometimes.

Mom loved pictures too. She used to carry a little brown Kodak movie camera all over the place.

She loved to try to capture us kids, red sunsets, fires, rainbows, Fall colors...and with her picture camera she would take snap shots of wild life, (the animal kind too, not just us kids), flowers, trees and what ever she liked I guess.

So maybe that's where I got my weirdness of taking my camera almost every place with me. ( I am guilty of using my camera bag for a purse if I think I may need my camera while I'm out).
I have loved taking pictures for a long time now- (I think I have a box full of film that I couldn't afford to get developed in a closet someplace).

So digital camera's are awesome for me, because I can see right away what worked and what didn't, and I can get them on the computer right away and use them on my screen saver the same day!!

Mom would have loved that, and us kids, like my kids would have rolled our eye's and never like to pose for them either.

I started to get serous about photography by doing landscapes, buildings and vignettes like these;
( this is the part of blogging I'm still not real clear on, so if you could scroll down to see the rest? That would be wonderful ).

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  1. Holy cow...I had NO idea you were starting to do pics for other people! Way to go! Just don't take on too much and get too busy...then it starts turning into WORK and isn't FUN anymore...trust me.

    So about the blogging thing...when you are making a new post, notice all the little buttons above where you are writing your text. Point to them. It should say upload picture...and that's how you upload them right into your post.