Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Brass Monkey Day's Of January

Well, It's that time of year.

Its cold enough out side to freeze brass monkeys. Its when we try to find things inside to keep us feeling super in any way...

We just want to find a comfortable chair and put our feet up with the things we love...

You hate going outside because your breath is usually in cloud form hoovering in front of you, but your getting cabin fever and want to do something-but what?!

A friend of mine told me that when she was a little girl she remembers January being the month that her Mom and Grandma would get all their quilt squares cut out for the year and get the other things together for projects they needed to do during the year~then when the weather was warm they could just go get everything and not be stuck inside. And they would work on things that covered their laps when it was so cold.

By George-I think they had something there!

So I have been looking at things I need to make, mend and other wise do this year, I have made a list and am working on getting those things together now, so that they will be ready to "travel" with me when the months get warmer. I wont have to hunt everything up, because I will have gotten it all together before...(one of the biggest tests will be if I can remember where I put it once I get it together~ha, ha).

If it works out I will let you know.

But besides being the coldest month this year~it is also the month when the days are getting longer, a little bit at a time, but longer none the less.

Do you realize that we have about a half hour longer of day light now than we did at Christmas time? Yep, yep, yep.

We have also had some very nice days, and I have yanked out ye ol camera to document the beauties that I glimpse now and are just a few....

And no, I didn't go out side to take them~are you kidding?! It may look warm, but no, no, no, it is not at all. I took these pictures from the relative warmth of the house, out the windows actually.
It is sights like these let me know that Spring will come. Maybe not this month, but it will come.
So find the chair that gives you comfort, do those things that help you feel productive and "super" and help you through the cabin fever times...And don't forget to look out your windows now and then to see how beautiful it can be even when its freezing out there!!!

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