Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby its COLD outside!!!

I was just thinking how the weather, from indoors can be so deceiving.

The sky can be blue and it may feel so warm if you happen to be lucky enough to sit by a window for a while. Double lucky if you can sit by a window with a book, and the sun shining in.

The snow starts to melt off. And our minds turn to Spring.

But wait! It's only the end of January-so you know that even if the weather is playing trick's with your itch to get outside and start playing in the dirt, tomorrow you may wake up to a ton of snow-again.

I thought as you are basking in the warm winter glow of your computer monitor I'd share some of the beauties I've found in the great frozen world of January.

I took all of these in January 2008-5 of them were, do-do-do lookin out my back door.

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