Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

Well it seems the New Year has done the same to me that Christmas did. Yes I knew it was coming, and I had plans to have all my resolutions and all in order, to be able to start them all on the first.

Didn't happen.

But that's the beauty of it all, I didn't have to start everything on the first, I can start it any old time I want to because every day can be a first day.

How often do we think that because we didn't start to do something on a certain day, or because we were doing well at our goals then-opps-didn't do them for a while, that we have terminated the whole thing?

Well I would just like to say that is a bunch of Hog-Wash!

After all it is Me, I, am the one who is ultimately in charge of if I make a goal and then if I give up it was ME, not the goal or that I got to busy, or...When I do get my goal's / resolutions set up for 2009. I am right here giving myself permission to start them as needed.

What does that mean?-you ask-
Just this. I have a beginning of a list of things I would like to accomplish or start to work on this year, but my list is short right now-3 things-and I have a few more in mind, but the fact is I can't start them all at once or I will more than likely not be successful at any of them because I will have overloaded myself. But I can start the first thing and then as I get that going I can add more of the things I would like to do...

I know it sounds a little weird, but then again consider the source.

So On New Year's Eve I happened to be in the car driving and saw this beautiful sun set view and would like to share it here.

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