Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

We have been having some pretty wet and wild weather around here of late. Flooding is still going on. New snow in the mountains, and lower, will bring more run off.
It is a good water year.

But with the flooding come some unexpected plan changes. One of those things that had to be rethought was the rendezvous.
It was moved to a location where it was much easier access for city folk like myself to reach. I fear the weather kept a lot of people away. What with winds reaching 90 miles an hour laying tents and tepee's flat faster than they could be layed down to help prevent damage.
It went on regardless and a good time was had

Made me think about how much I like my modern conveniences I can tell you!
I admit I would like to get a Capote, with a hood. I think I could get some good use out of that year round.
I came home and looked around and thought of those who did live through those kinds of days, with no hot bath and warm bed waiting at the end of the four days.
The ones who did lay down their lives, so that I can live and raise my family in a free country.
I thought of the ones who taught me not only how to live through hard things, but to do it with some form of grace in the doing.
I thought of my tiny Grand son who gave more than anyone I have ever known. My parents and grand parents. And those before them. And found myself wondering...
How did they do it?!
Then I remembered the things we are going through right now. The things I see my children and grand children being strong through and I wonder...
How do they do it?!
I don't need a rendezvous, or storms or a special day, to think about all those who mean so much to me.
You see, I think of them every day.

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