Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have always liked hats.
I have always looked pretty goofy in hats.
I have always hunted for The Hat.
The one that didn't make me look like my mom, or...well...goofier than I usually do.
In the process I have amassed quite a collection... 

I see so many people who look so comfortable with their choice of clothes and have some how managed to find the hat that fits their a glove.

I got my nose sunburned, yet again, because of my lack of personality fitting chapeau... 

Then Lolly showed up with the perfect hat, she encouraged me to try it on...not bad.
I had not really considered this type of topper before...
This only  served to renew my determination to resume the search.
So bright and early I headed down the freeway to begin the hunt...
The first store I entered had 6 metal containers with new little chicken's varying in age from one week, to four weeks old.
Asking the sales clerk for directions to the hat section, with a flit of her hurried hand I was off toward the back wall.
Stetson's wall papering its length and breadth.
Among them I found it...Right down to the band.

The search came to an end there in the white letter edged mirror resting on the hat filled counter...

While its true it was found among a plethora of Stetson's, I would like to point out that I believe it to be an Artists Hat, rather than a cowboy hat.

Simply because I never had cow's...but I have been known to dabble in a few forms of artistic workmanship.

p.s. I still might look goofy, but I'm old enough now that I'm ok with me ;)

p.p.s. This particular covering is not a stetson. I don't hold that against it.


  1. Nice! It suits you! I want a cowboy hat...

  2. One of my Grand daughter's told me I need to get a pair of black converse now and I will be a true artist :)