Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We have had a lot of rain around here lately.
So when I had to make a trip over the mountain I grabbed my trusty little camera, with the plan to stop and take some pictures of the rivers.
If I could get close enough and remain safe.
Many of the roads were closed the last week end we went over there.
Hearing that it had started to go down a little, but with the recent rains I think it has gone back up again...
Any way.
I took some pictures, made lots of mental notes and as usual, I noticed things in the pictures that I didn't see when I first took them.

Following is a fair example of what I mean.

The river had recently stopped running over the bridge, the road has been flooding all the way up the road as far as you can see it in the picture.
What I didn't pay attention to was the sign in the middle of the picture.

When I noticed it on the computer, I blew it up, so I could read what it said.
And I believe it is very right.

The sign was perched precariously there.
Right smack-dab in the middle of the two barricaded ends, blocking either end of the flooding area with chains and highway divider cement blocks.
The only way to get to where I was, was on foot.

Waving to the man in the front loader, who was moving in more cement blocks, I trudged my path up the middle of the road. Watching my foot fall's, the ravages of the rising river on the landscape. Stepping over the chains, taking my hand full of pictures then returned by the same path.
The whole of the expedition was less than five minutes total.

It was uneventful, as far as I could tell.

Then as I was half way back to my car I saw this: 

Laying peacefully in the road.


I think...maybe...no. Then again...maybe...yes.

Its good to keep in mind that I do believe in Fairies...I do. I do!

So I gathered up the little gift of nature that now happily resides in my had band.

A reminder to keep my eyes open to the things I may be missing.

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