Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finding Balance

Creating new norm's, spreading your wings, feng shui, strengthening your chakra's, clearing your plate, calming down, taking time to breathe, stepping back for a new view...
However we say it.
However we do it.
It all boils down to finding balance. In any and all area's of our lives.
Sometimes we don't know what we are trying to balance, we just know that balance has been lost causing us to not only want, but, need, it back.

Being a creature of habit.
Liking my routines very much thank you, finding comfort in their consistency.
While at the same time becoming fidgety in my ever increasing confines. Longing to break free of many of them, creating new habits, routines and a lot less rigid invisible self imposed regimes along with redefined boundaries.
Longing to find balance.

So I started to implement changes in my world once again. Not huge earth shattering changes. (At least not yet.)
I brought in an arm full of flowers from the yard...

Noticing that while I try to tell those who mean the most to me that I love them often, I have been forgetting to let me know I love me.
That is not an easy thing for many of us to do I know.
I also know, it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and those you love.

Finding balance after spending years growing comfortable in your routines and surroundings can be a bit overwhelming.
So I chose to...
Dive in head first.
By starting to play with dormant dreams, painting, writing a book, that I am having so much fun doing by the way. Picked up my camera's again, got a kayak (even though my fear of water is deeply ingrained). Why I even started walking. My favorite walks are actually at night in snow storms, or rain with a really big umbrella. I started doing a morning cup of yoga .   
I also contacted a few people offering free e-courses, a few others who I hope to be working with soon in area's I didn't even know existed. Ordered a stack of books on new subjects that interest me immensely.
And after seven years of not rearranging any furniture, in any room.
I did.
We have all sorts of feng shui going on up in here now.
The things I have found great joy in as I've matured are still with me and thriving. The stuff I've hung onto, in case someone, someday, might need them, I'm finding I can let go of now. Old mental blocks are breaking away to new understanding. I stopped beating myself up for things I think other people think I should or shouldn't be doing, when I know the logic they aren't privy to.
The kid in me is daring to come out and play again.

However, the most interesting thing I see happening as I find balance, is that those who have been silently watching me, notice the things I am doing, and are starting to play with things to bring new balance into their lives too. 

Finding balance is a process that is filled with events in several area's of our lives , It is a growing living thing that isn't done once and set in stone, it is something we are able to work with all the time.
So whether you are working on improving your inner balance or your not falling over balance...
Remember we are all divine.

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  1. Hmm, this is always something I struggle with. Balance, but also with simplicity. I think they go together, but I haven't figured out how yet. Glad you've figured sone of it out for you!