Thursday, March 24, 2011

What A Load Of Crap

Why do we do things that have a tendency to load our crap into the back's of other people truck's of life?

Why can't we just deal with our own crap, and give them the opportunity to do the same?

Because just maybe, the crap we are trying to unload into their truck, isn't even partly their crap. Maaaaybe, we think that our crap is really their crap taking upon ourselves the misguided assumption that it's our responsibility to let them know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are bothered by the crap we think that they should have in copious amounts. And yet they have the unmitigated gall to think they have a truck loaded with treasures instead of crap.

Then there are the folks who think they need to put crap into the back's of some other person's truck because the ones who's crap it really is...doesn't think it is. And the one who's crap they think it is, just doesn't seem to be thinking that it is their load to carry, and they are not doing a good enough job of loading their own truck  with crap. So help, they feel they must.

Then again, there are the ones who feel a family member or loved one, has somehow been slighted, so they feel the overbearing or overprotecting need to rectify what they see as a problem, and load er up! They may not know the details, but they don' t let that bother them, or slow them down.
Oh no! There is crap to be dumped and they have every intention of dumping as much as they can, as fast as they can...hang the fact that they could be mistaken in their assumptions.

Sometimes, I know it's hard to believe.
I hardly recognize it in myself. 
But I have to admit that I am the one doing said copious amounts of crap dumping.

Heaven forbid!

Not me! Says you.

Yes we all dump crap into each others truck's as we go through life, maybe intentionally, maybe ignorantly, but dump we do.

I have noticed that I have these various loads piling up in my life. The back of the truck of my life is getting full to overflowing...So I will be taking some time to sort through the crap that other people have dumped upon my little old truck. I will sort through the crap that isn't mine to deal with, separating it from the crap that is mine to deal with, doing my best to get it where I can manage it. The crap I can't do a blessed thing about? I will take to the dump leaving it there for the seagulls to deal with. The crap that is mine to work through? I will try to get arranged into the back of the truck of my life, and see if I can't turn that crap into treasures as soon as I can.

If I have ever dumped crap into the truck bed of your life, I sincerely apologize. And please know, that I will do my best to refrain from any future dumpings, trying only to bring treasures to the heavy laden truck you are lumbering with through life.


  1. Dear Missy,

    Bonjour from a fellow crap-dumper - who hopes she's getting better...

    Is it the boyscouts who say "always leave a place cleaner (in better shape) than you found it"? Perhaps this is a good life rule for our family and friends: instead of unloading on them, leave them feeling light and pure.

    With lots of love, and many XOXOS, Kristi

  2. I must be a crap dumper. For which I truly apologize. There are times when a burden shared is lighter, but you are not expected to carry the load, just offer an ear. My ear is always here for you.
    Love ya,