Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sacred Grounds

I went for a walk the other day when there was a beautiful break in the weather. It was nothing short of blissful out!
The sun shining, the warmth of a rejuvenating breeze drifting lazily about the town, seemed to carry me to the best place in town to walk...the cemetery.
To me it is sacred ground, because therein lay six or more generations of my family. From my earliest years it has been a place of memories and togetherness. Memorial Day was HUGE when I was growing up, it was often the day to have family reunions, because everyone traveled from their corners of the world, to meet at the cemetery with flowers and lunch fixin's.
We were taught cemetery educate and manners, right along with respect for the living and the dead, at a  very young...
We were taught respect about a lot of things when I was a kid...
The Pledge Of Allegiance was recited every morning in school, as we stood and placed our hand over our heart. And when the colors were seen in parade's we stood the same way.

The other day I was at an event where an Honour Guard had been invited to present and post the colors. As they stood at attention just inside the door's while everyone filed in to find a seat, I had the opportunity to stand as they began the ceremony and my heart filled with the same swelling pride that it did when I was a little girl...
I draw strength from my family who lie in that sacred ground, and from seeing the flag of the land that I love, fluttering like a guard watching over the diversified groups of walkers and visitors...

I'm glad I was taught this respect at an early age.
Even more so for those who through quiet acts of respect...were the teachers. 

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