Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Little Robin

The first Robin of spring!!

Life and weather...
They really do have more in common than we often think.
For instance, weather can be balmy, warm, and refreshing. Or harsh, sub-zero, and leave you snowed in for lengthy periods of time.

Many of us are beginning to dread pulling the morning curtain's aside, never knowing what will greet us. Will it be frigid blue skies, rain clouds settled in so snugly they kiss the valley floor's, or more snow piled up than you have seen from a fast lake effect storm in years?

At the same time many of us may dread waking up in the morning. The thoughts of having to look out a window are incomprehensible!
I heard a song recently that got me to thinking, the line that grabbed my attention with both hands was that we are all one phone call from our knees.

One phone call...or one choice...or one decision, from having a glacier bury you. The floor you thought was firmly under you is in a flash...just gone.

We know that the weather comes in seasons, each bringing good and bad climates. We should also know that life is...exactly the same...only a little bit different.

Forrest Gump told us life is like a box of chocolates, "you never know what your gonna get."  While we are in the cruddy parts of life it's often hard for us to envision it changing for the better, to find a glimmer of hope for something good to return...only better.

Then one day we pull back the curtain on the window, or our life, and we glimpse the tiny bird sitting on top of the tree through the block, when what to our pleasant surprise we see the first Robin on Spring...and we know once again, that just because we can't see the end to everything right is coming...

The snow's will melt into the heat of pleasant Summer day's, just as the problem's we may be struggling through the middle of, will one day be viewed from the other side, and we will be able once again to see our Spring bringing Robins...

If you are in need of a Robin's encouragement to get you through the last days of winter, or to give you that little spot of hope in your life...I share with you this first little bird of paradise for hope today.

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