Monday, March 21, 2011


     Tucked away in tool shed's along with rakes are corners filling with Spring dreams. Like me, are they bustin at the seams to have these Spring rains slow and the warm sun come out for longer stretches?

      I wish we had crocus, buttercups, and other early Spring flower's pushing up to reach the warming ray's of the sun.  New leaves are beginning to show on the tree's and bushes, orchards soon will need pruning.

     Like the growing need to get outside and spruce up the yard.
     I've had the blaring realization that I need to hurry and take care of some inner 'yard work'.
I've been lining up a few of the bulbs and things I want to plant as well as spruce up, but in searching for a good rake, to reach into the corners, I ran smack dab into a big ol pile of...crap, that has got to be spread out so it can dissipate.
     To be scattered in various directions and be cultivated into the rich soils of my life.
     To help me promote or improve my life, to help me grow and develop a better character, better behavior and personality traits, that I feel compelled to plant and nurture in the garden's and landscape of my life.
     Its true that manure helps fertilize and make the dirt of gardens more productive...
     It is also true that the crap that happens if life, can render our lives more productive, if we are willing to wade through the smell and bitterness to get it spread out and deal with what we can, toss out the parts we can't and learn to know the difference...

     So pardon me while on this rainy day I go take care of a few things that will help my life bloom in its time.

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