Thursday, March 31, 2011

Faith, Trust and Dreams

     One time...(that's how a grand daughter always starts her tales)...
     One time, there was a boy with a dream.
     The first dream. 
     This young man's dream was with him for as long as he could remember. Some thought is to grand a dream for such a boy, and the lad began to listen to them, rather than the dream that whispered in his young heart. While he held this secret dream in his heart, he never told anyone about it, for fear they would continue telling him, 'It is to grand a dream, for your young country boy heart'.
     Years passed, as years tend to do and the boy became a young man, while the dream had been pushed back so much, and for so long, it was barely able to find room, even in the furthest corner of his mind. However that dream managed to find a secluded spot, not quit at the back, but neither was it midway. There the little dream settled in to wait to be remembered. 
     Again the years passed, as they tend to do, when we are to busy making a living and forgetting to live. Children now grown, with children of their own. The first dream was still patiently waiting to be remembered.
     Lest you think the little dream just sat quietly all these years, I must tell you, it did not. No. It wiggled every chance it got, to no avail.
     Then one quiet day, the sun shining warmly overhead, a warm summer breeze gently blew through the pile of once lively dreams, that had been collecting over the years. Where this particular little dream had waited the longest and tried the hardest to be noticed and recalled.
     Today, it was going to give it it's all.
     Today, it would get the, now man's, attention or settle in to a corner way at the back of his mind never to stir again.
     Gathering courage, the little dream waited, listened and watched. There it was! The smell of fresh mown lawn drifted into the man's slumbering subconsciousness, ruffling everything in the forgotten dream's pile, lifting and sifting them around like leaves on a fitful Fall wind, some settled back into place, but not the first dream.
     The first dream hung on to the smell, as it wafted off to awaken the man from his lawn chair revere, and before you know it, slam! Right to the front of the man's mind, the little dream crashed unceremoniously, hanging on for dear life!
     It started out slow, because the man remembered the times his boy self, was told to forget that first dream, but neither of them let go of the awakening.
     Year's again slipped by, but not nearly as many as could have, when the now mature dream, no longer sat quietly waiting to be noticed, but rather it had been banging pans and blowing whistles every time the man paused.
     At last the man agreed with the dream, it was time to once again broach the subject of the first dream to a new audience.
     She was different from those long ago voices.
     Because she too had dreams that needed to come to light, so she encouraged the dream, and the man.
     The first dream had a ring leader!
     The man found that with encouragement and faith, he not only could, but would, give that first dream life...

     Faith is knowing one of two things will happen:
There will be something to stand on or
You will be taught to fly!

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  1. So what's the dream? You can't leave us hanging!