Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Never Know When You Are Making A Memory

If we never know when we are making a memory, shouldn't we be careful with our lives?

I mean if you look at the memories you have, were they always the planned things? Were they the big things or the expensive things?

Or are your best memories of times that just seemed to happen, be shared, and the feelings of the times that were planned?

I've had occasion to think over my life lately. Making a close examination.
My brother passed away and left a wonderful legacy. He was a writer, among other things he did so well. I have been able to read a story he wrote that is surprisingly...where I am right now!

It has brought to the forefront of my mind...my memories.

And while I am taking time to look over and sort a lot of things out, I find that I am still making possible memories all the time.

One of my recent memories is of the garage painting we were joined for recently. Family and friends came to help and the job was done and dry long before the rains returned.

While we were out around the dutch oven's and smoking grill, we looked up and saw a rare city sight...

As these beautiful Hawk's circled lazily above, we all stood mesmerized below, watching as the 3 pairs took turn hunting the city streets for sustenance to continue their journey.

It was not a big thing. It was one of those quit little happenings that brought the gift of a memory for some who were in attendance, while other's paid it little or no mind.

Yes you never know when you will be making a memory, so take the time to look around and be open to all that may be there for the taking.

And while you are out gathering memories for yourself, try to leave good memories for other's in your wake.

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