Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mangy Dog Days

The other day I was driving through a neighborhood that happens to have a tiny side hill, canal and a few tree's. Not really much wider than a parking strip and a half.
So you can imagine the surprise when I stopped at the sign for a deer to bound past at a pretty good click, with a big dog hot on its heel's.
Being ever the observant one.
And knowing that where there is one, there is usually a hundred you don't see.
I pulled slowly around the corner, put my flashers on and crept down the street.
Car's zoomed past.
To fast to notice, or care about the scene or the lessons hidden in that little strip of tree's.

Being the deep thinker I am...
I knew if I were out there, with big dog problems, and I wasn't on the lamb.
I'd be hiding out.
Covering my tracks.
Trying not to let anything show.

But sometimes when you have a big problem, it's good to have a friend.
Someone to stand by your side.
Friends and family help us through all kinds and sizes of big dog troubles. It is good to know we can count on them. (And yes. It is true, that sometimes they are the ones we sometimes hide out from).

Time, stresses, big dog troubles, work, and just life in general, sometimes leave us feeling a little jumpy and frazzled.
So whether we lead follow or are just trying to get out of the way...

Sometimes we get trapped in the head lights of our on coming lives!!
We get overrun buy the hard parts of life and it can give us a case of the mange if we aren't careful!!

But like these deer, being largely passed by and unseen, life will go on. The things that are plaguing us now, like a fast hound hot on our heel's, will eventually start getting boared and start trippin on its lolling tongue and stop.
The tree's will fill in to give better cover, or we will be moving to higher, safer ground.
And while it's true there will be different dangers, struggles and beasties there, rest assured that you have friends and  family that have and will stick by you through even the mangy day's.

ps Don't go thinking that just because the big dog is chasing just one of us that it doesn't effect all of us in different ways.
What size dog scares me, might not faze you and what I think is ok, may be the farthest thing from ok for lets try to be gentle with each other today-and everyday.

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