Monday, April 18, 2011

Red Shoes

Sometimes I wear red shoes.
Sometimes I just like to do that.
They make me feel...happy.

She had been struggling with the weight of the world balanced squarely on her shoulders.
Oh no, it wasn't the first time, nor was it likely to be the last. She knew that fact all to well.
As she headed into the shoe shop that fell in the middle of the newly refurbished "antique" district of town, her mind raced back over time to the first time she came to this little shop.

It was back when people dressed to go up town, would stop to visit on the streets and in the shops. She remembered skipping along in her well worn blue sneakers, feeling a bit sad they were getting to well worn and would be graduating to everyday shoes now, instead of school shoes only.
Entering the shop beside her mother, the sales girl met them at the door to help, its just how things were done back then.
While her mother looked around for other things she recalled being able to, look but don't touch. So with her tiny hands clasped firmly behind her back along the rows of shoes she began.
Half way down the row of shoes, just her size, she froze in her track's, there before her was the most beautiful shoes she had ever in her whole little life seen! She stood guard over the find until she was joined by her mother.
"Look! Awen't they the most beautiful shoes you have eveow seen in yo whole life?!" She brightly asked without looking directly at her mother's face.
"They are, very nice shoes dear, but today we came to buy new school shoes." Was her direct by not stern tone.
Obediently she followed her mother to the row of sneaker's to make sure to get the right size. Her lower lip jutting out as far as she could muster.
After finding the right pair of red sneaker's, (not at all the beautiful pair!), her mother sent her to the counter with the old pair in the little box in her hands, to wait while mother picked up a few pair of sock's for the boy's. 
Eye's brimming with the tears of a little breaking heart she waited, through the entire remainder of the purchase, not trusting her voice, she tried to remain stoic until her mother asked her to help carry the packages.  
Handing her two boxes, wrapped in brown paper and tied together with the white string that would be kept and used for something else later on. Her tiny heart skipped a beat as her mother whispered to her on the way out of the shop...
"I think every girl should have some beautiful red shoes. Don't you? They just seem to make us happy!"
She had fairly danced home to the tip-tap of her mother's own beautiful pair of fancy red go to town shoes.

Pushing the old door open to the sound of the little bell that still rang the same, met at the door by a different young sales girl asking if she could help her find something, she smiled, "Yes thank you. I'm looking for a beautiful, happy, pair of red shoes today."
A bright smile lighting her young features she replied, "I have just the thing. Follow me please." As the tip-tap of her own red shoes clicked happily across the worn wooden floor.  

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  1. True story? I would be happy too, wearing red shoes like that! I am in search of a good pair... and I am NOT a shoe person!