Monday, April 11, 2011

When A Day Seemed Like A Month

Once upon a time, in what sometimes feels like another life time ago, our little family of four, back then, lived for two, three month Summer's in a one room, red tar paper and plywood shack.

And it was an experience.

The only way in or out was by air travel that consisted of anything from a single engine Cessna to a roaring "box car". We watched each with fascination as the navigated...or tired to navigate...the short dirt runway. We watched as one of each crashed on separate occasions. The sound of a single engine airplane flying overhead just right can still make me look up from what I'm doing and say, "Mail's here!".

Did I mention it was an experience? It was.

I did laundry for the mostly man camp, in an old electric wringer washer and melted snow. We had an electric dryer that took for~ever, to dry stuff with, when it was working.

It was fun, for the first week or two.

Then the monotony set in, the withdrawals from even going to the store to buy a gallon of milk sounded like a trip to heaven! It got to be really hard to be there after a month. The second month was torture by monster mosquito's...the third had us all marking the calendar dates off and it went so excruciatingly s-l-o-w that sometimes it almost felt like time were going backwards!
Then one day it was time to load up our meager belongings and fly back to civilization-We had to fly out in shifts, and it was so hard to see those first flights out and not be on them. "Three more day's and it's our turn." I'd tell myself, and those three day's seemed like month's!!!

But they did pass, the awaited date did come, our flight's were safe and we did eventually arrive back home with yarn's to entertain the neighbor's with.

As much as I longed for those long hard day's to pass, they could only pass in their own due time. I couldn't rush them or slow them, I could only endure them.

And they passed. An hour at a time, but they did eventually pass, and we were looking back at them and thinking, 'Boy, it seemed to take forever when we were counting them off, and to pass in a blink when we looked back at them.'

So remember, what ever your going through today. What ever amount of time you may be longing to pass by quickly, that may be seeming to move at a snail's pace...will pass.

Just listen... It happens in a blink 


  1. Very true! Where did you live? And why? I am interested :0)

  2. We were at the little spot on the map shown on the address. It's a little place at the foot of the Brook's mountain range called Tobin Creek Alaska, it consists of a kitchen, dinning room and about 6 men's quarter's and 5 family cabins/shacks and old airplane used as the cooks living quarters :)