Friday, July 1, 2011

Pictures From Pictures

This picture reminds me of my Dad.
I know your chomping at the bit for the reason, a photo of a bird, sitting on a fence post, in the middle of God's country, could remind me of my Dad.
It's because there is a bird, sitting on a fence post, out in the middle of God's country, that causes me to hear the song that he taught me. Accompanied by semi-strict instructions not to sing it around, Mom, or other grown up's.
Every place we went or didn't-was God's country to him. I happily adopted that philosophy as my own. 

The little red trike...

She settles into the seat, places her feet on the peddles and off she goes! Wind in her hair if she peddles fast enough. It carries her off into an imaginary world where the bike magically transforms into a horse, and she its rider.
She figures out that if she turns it upside down and crank's the peddles around like the handle on Grampa's old wooden ice cream bucket...she opens the lemonade stand of imaginary homemade ice cream, trading with the neighbor kids...

There is religious construction going on in our little piece of the world. Across the street from a very distinguished building in it's own right. One that my family has been connected to for longer that I have been around. And that my friends is a long time.
My Grampa's Dad was the building maintenance man for this and many buildings along main street. My Grampa would shimmy up the steeples and scrap the paint off, replacing it with a fresh new coat. It's a long way off the ground to get there.
It gave him super powers in a little girl's mind... 

Looking around you may see just things, then again you may see much more than what is on the surface.
I feel like it's a gift to be able to see all the things I do when I look at things like a bird on a fence, a little red trike, and even the tall steeple on a building nestled against one little spot along the rocky mountain range...

This is the Forth Of July week end, and as I have done since moving back to my hometown, I will picture my Dad standing next to me while I watch the fireworks display. And I will be taking pictures.

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