Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Dresses

As she dances through the respectably slow summer day's, she pauses to show every one who will stop, just how magnificently her dress twirls.
Just like Peaches & Cream, Strawberries & Rhubarb, Apple Pie & Base Ball, Grandpa's & Butter Scotch candy's, it seems Summer & Dresses are inseparable combinations. 
They go surprisingly well with bare feet, don't you think?
She loves how the skirts dance when kissed by the breezes of running, spinning, or swaying. Often looking down to watch it swing as she walks. 
Feminine is not a concept she associates with her dainty little summer dresses, even though they help her feel beautiful...
Even while packing a handful's of grass hopper's. 

The wonderfulness of summer dresses are not only enjoyed by the little girl's, but by many of the girl's of varying ages as well.
I watch as a white haired woman sashays down a hall enchanted by the sway dancing at the hem of her peach colored dress, spontaneously stepping so as to make it swing just a little bit better.
Even teenager's and Mommy's like the dresses of summer. The long one's, the short one's, and the one's in between.
Or the women out walking, some watch the way the hems of their broom skirts flit and flutter with each step, billowing like butterfly wings with each step of their sandled feet.

I love Summer Dresses, don't you?

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  1. Yes indeed! She sure is getting big! Tell your daughter to call me!