Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Looking At My Options...

I hate when things I say come back to bite me in the butt.

Like, when I said I hoped I would never be 55 years old and weighing over 200 pounds. Then I woke up on a beautiful day like this, and saw that I am headed there quick fast and in a hurry.
The realization of responsibility screaming loudly muffled in my ear, with this truth, "Then change what you are doing now~its your own choice."

And I am a girl who likes choices!!

Yes, this realization came, as I was putting on another pair of pants that had shrunk considerably, while hanging in the back of the closet awaiting the arrival of capri weather.

Of course I didn't let that stop me from baking a large batch of those nummy, chocolate Carmel Rollo cookies, and eating half a dozen, or more, with a glass or two of ice cold milk as a chaser.
Bemoaning my rising weight and lack of gumption to actually go out the door for a walk! Nor to actually go down the 14 stairs leading to the basement, dust of the directions for turning it on, and then actually using the treadmill, I couldn't live without, just a few short years ago!
Why its still in the break-in period having only been used three or four times back when it was new and a novelty!

Yes it is indeed, only me, who can make this choice, and only me that will live with said choice ~ But I will not be the only one effected by the choice I make in this regard.

Whether I chose to get up and start moving, changing my habits, or sit and cry about the fact that my clothes no longer fit, while my tears are falling onto a plate of cookies and finding them splashing in my milk...

It is my choice.

However the results of my choice will effect not only me, but my husband, children and grandchildren.
My choice may even effect the person packing the cell phone, sneaking pictures of people for Wal Mart dot com...or to post on their facebook with an unkind or judgemental comment...

Today I see it all clearly.

I may think that to have to diet and exercise, for a year or for~ever, is to way to long a deal.

I can deal with one day.

This day. 

This day, I choose to get up and go for the walk I love to take.
This day, I choose to give the cookies away and go buy a bag of apples.

This day, I look at myself and see...

Also this day, I am choosing to post this.
Not to frighten or try to cause irreversible retinal damage.
Nor for ridicule, or sympathy.
I am posting this for myself.
To remind me to play with my options...
Because I am a girl who likes choices after all.

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  1. Good luck! I've lost a bit drinking more water and eating a huge salad before I eat dinner. Actually not having dessert in the house helps too :0)