Friday, July 8, 2011


perspective is a way of regarding situations or topics or a mental view or the state of one's ideas; prospective means concerned with or related to the future

So I have had to change my perspective this week.
I have the opportunity to choose to change my perspective...

Being a person who is not fond of Doctor's.
I only go when I think it's important-which really isn't that often.

I have gone over the past 12 years to try to find out if they could tell me, why my legs seem to always look like I have had really tight ankle sock's on.
This diagnosis was awesome- "You just have unusually thin ankles."

I kid you not that is what the guy said.

I went to find out why, my feet started to hurt so bad I have to stand for a second before I brave that first step- three different doctor's said, "Calcium deposits on your heels", Planter fascilis , and just good old, "standing to much over the years and your weight gain".

I did find a Dr. who did blood tests and all and told me I have, "Really high cholesterol", and wanted me to start taking Lipitor, he wouldn't even talk to me about diet and exercise.

No I did not take the Lipitor-I'm just that way.

Instead I started walking 3 to 4 miles five days a week, still I was gaining weight!
Ok. I finally resigned myself to that most horrid or horror's in my mind...I am getting old.
Yeah, ok, fine! (Fold arms tightly, stomp, pout).

Eventually my daily walks disappeared.

Then a couple of month's ago I noticed a "Puffy thingy" at the base of my throat where you should be able to feel your sternum dippy thing.

My medical terminology also impressed my Dr., but she knew right what I was talking about, and we both had a good laugh about it.
Any who-way, she felt it, poked it, prodded it, and told me, "I'm pretty sure it's a fatty pad, you should start walking at least 30 minutes five times a week and watching portions sizes should drop at least 10 pounds. That will not be easy because of your age." She did admonish me to "Keep an eye on it for any changes and if it does come back and we'll look at it some more."

OK! I get it! It's all to be chalked up to ageing (mean eye's and pout!)

So finally resigning myself to a life time sentence of diet and exercise. I wasn't all that 'into it', because I have been gaining weight instead of loosing it, and I am getting really discouraged.

That's when I got brave enough to  post my "I'm going to get serious and do this thing dang it!" Post earlier this week.

In the meantime back at the Ranch...
My daughter, who loves me like a rock star, has been doing some checking and studying and talking to her people and their people along with talking to the powers that be... started bringing me literature on Thyroid information.

I didn't pay attention to it, because. The blood tests would have shown if the problem was that. (Wouldn't it?)

Her persistence paid off.

A Dr. was contacted and a simple test was done at home... I got a Basil thermometer and started to take my 'at rest temp'. (Means I took my temperature first thing in the morning, and recorded it for about a month).

I thought it was odd that my temperature never made it into the 97. range but instead stayed in the 96. and even dipped into the 95. about half the time.

This information was reported back to the Dr. I had found and he is adamant that this information is screaming that I have a low thyroid. And he went on to explain all the symptom's that go along with it.

You guessed it.
Things that have been right up my ally.

Some further questions and testing show that I also am showing sign's of Sugar handling .

I have often joked about being addicted to sugar for years, when the truth is, my body might have been trying to tell me there is a real health issue.

Perspective change!!

I am educating myself on diabetic diets, hypothyroidism  and going to be doing more testing.

I still have a hard time thinking that I have to do this...

Perspective change!!

I can play with my options and change for a change. I don't really have to do anything forever. But I am choosing to do the things today that can help my ride...for the long haul :)

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