Thursday, July 28, 2011

This Camera or That Camera?

After going out in my trusty little kayak.
(Which I am  *vacillating between names on at this time).
The conclusion was drawn that a little camera was needed to help capture some of the memories.
So a shopping I did go.
Not wanting to spend a lot I headed to my local Wally World to see what I could see.

This is how it went down...

Me: "Hello :) Would you like to sell me a little camera please?"

Guy #1: "No." *Ambling on over to the camera counter.

Being one who is ususally up for some friendly *banter, the game was on for both of us as we joked back and forth...

Me: "Well if you really don't want to I can go some place else to make it easier on you :)"

Guy #1: "No, really that would not make it easier for me. In fact it would cause me much *angst."

Me: "Wheeell now, we wouldn't want that to happen."

Guy #1: "So what is it your looking for? You look like you have something in mind."

Me: "I need an inexpensive little number to tuck under my life jacket or into a shirt pocket."

Guy #1: " We have a waterproof camera on the rack, it comes highly recommended by eight year old girl's taking pictures at the pool."

What the heck. I got it.

It doesn't zoom worth bean's, but what the heck.
It has the ability to take photos that look like thiz...

But I still wanted one of the thin ones I was looking at over on the counter, you know to stick in a shirt or purse pocket.
After looking over two different one's for an extended five minutes, I chose one that was on red.

Yes. I am sometimes that way. I am not ashamed to admit I chose it because it was red.
I saw no other real differences. 

It doesn't zoom worth bean's either. But I like it ok.
It takes photos that look like thiz...

Going back to the same store the next afternoon with one of my sister's, so she could make a spur of the moment, sort of calculated purchase of a smaller cannon she has wanted for a while now.
Me: "This is the other camera I was looking at yesterday."

Guy #2: "Well it sounds like you two know exactly what you want. May I ask why you chose the Sanyo over the Kodak? Personally I like the Kodak's over any of the other's in this case."

During this exchange, a Stranger man comes to the counter looking things over, having overheard our conversation he added, "I like the Kodak better. so much that I bought two of them!".

Brows furrowing I said, "Well, I guess I bought the wrong one."

Guy #2: "You have fifteen day's to return things."

I went home and gathered everything up, making it look like new as I could, trudging up to the service counter I explained I wanted to return it, there were no problems, I just decided to go with the Kodak after all.

So I took it home. Tryed it out.
It doesn't zoom worth bean's either.

It takes photos like thiz...

Plus it had this nifty little feature with the name of "Photo booth"...

I didn't like it as much as the Sanyo, so I returned the Kodak and got the little Sanyo back that made me a happy camper, and I shall tell you why;
Sanyo has a couple of features that are pretty cool, like, sunrise or sunset abilities, but the big kicker for me, was that while I thought the photo booth thing on the Kodak is really a cool thing, it did not out weigh the difference between the panoramic abilities.

The Kodak had a small, solid square area that you have to try using your best guessing skills to overlap to make it line up, making it very hard to use this sort of bind guessing technique, while the Sanyo has a full side line, that is transparent, so you can see what the heck your doing!

Provided the lighting is right and the boat doesn't drift, or your foot doesn't slip :) 

Vacillating= not resolute; wavering; indecisive; hesitating.
Ambling= to go at a slow, easy pace; stroll; saunter.
Banter= and exchange of light, playful, teasing remarks; good-natured raillery.
Angst= an acute but nonspecific sense of anxiety or remorse.

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