Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kayak Kind Of Day

Have you ever had a really, really good day that is the epitome of perfection?
We enjoyed not only such a day, but a week end.

This year we pulled the camp trailer to a Summer sort of place, along with the kayak Honey bought for me. With the big plans of getting out often, once our crowded work week's were winding down.
Unfortunately many of our best laid plans have been finding their way into cancellation's due to work, work and more work, thrown in with a dash of strong winds and torrential rains...How is it that weather like that has been waiting for the week ends too?

This week end was pencil planned.

Alternate idea's were half heartedly set in place.
Essentials and things for the trailer packed.
Trips to the stores helped fill cooler's so full the lids were hard to close. Fishing licence tucked into a wallet, worms purchased before the last turn off and away we went!

Joining friends and family, we set off blissfully into timelessness...


Water time at it's finest....

*deep sigh*
Its sure hard to go all the way back to the real world. Especially after a day like this...

This kind of day can't be totally planned.
Its the kayaking kind of day that just happens...

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  1. Oh, gorgeous! I reeeeeeally need one of these days! Or weekends. Months?