Friday, July 29, 2011


Ever wish you could fly?

When I was little I used to fly in my dreams. Above the tree tops, over the houses, swooping like the birds, taking off like Superman, landing with precision in places of my choice.
As I have grown older my dreams of flying were forgotten someplace along the path of my life. But now that I am entering the "youth of old age" I am learning about different meaning's of flying...why I am learning to let my pencils , paints, and imagination fly across pages, canvas' and with my camera's. I am learning that I can do lots of things I always limited myself on in the past, by believing that 'I can't", I told myself so many times through out the years but now I am waking up and seeing that indeed I can do many things I either didn't dare try or didn't think I would succeed at.

I may or may not succeed, but I am finding that the fun and freedom of trying, of spreading my wings and learning new way's to fly, are every bit as exciting as when I was little and would try to touch my toes to the sky while swinging as high as I could.

I think it helps to fuel my imagination when I take photograph's and find among them treasure's that fly... 

I read about some very wonderful Flying Lesson's while reading kelly rae roberts book.
Later I learned about this book this month. Thinking about getting it.

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