Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I am a very eclectic person.
I like different kinds of music as well as different types of furnishings. My style doesn't fit into any group but my own.
Over the years I have collected many things. The most surprising to me is the amount of tables I have gathered. Not so many chairs.
I like odd old chairs. If they don't seem to match anything I like them all the more.
One of my sister's asked me once what my style of decorating is, the best I can come up with is; icollectit (I collect it).
I gather from garage sales, secondhand stores, and family members, ok, and neighbors, or theirs.
Growing up I knew many people like myself. Now that we are, grown ups, we like to call ourselves 'antique collector's'.

I have been wanting to clean out some of my stuff to make more room. Most likely to make room for other stuff. Yet undiscovered treasures.
My daughter, busy MomMa, had to take her car to be checked out in a bigger town down the road, so I followed her, just in case it took longer than planned, so they would not be stuck there.
To entertain ourselves she suggested an antique store she was introduced to the week before.

From the outside it was pretty nondescript, but as soon as we went through the back door we were enveloped in a world of possibility.
Old furniture, a lot like what I have at home, was set up in vignette's, stacked against walls, piled up shelves. All in a clean, bright, organized style.

The woman standing behind the counter was less than surprised when I asked if it would be alright for me to take some pictures.
"Yes. By all means. A lot of people do." She said with a smile.
That, my friends is all it took. Out came the newest trusty camera from one of the many pockets associated with my latest purse, and I was off!

This store hosted new and renewed items as well as customer orders waiting to be given a new life. At every turn were new idea's and fabulous finds!
Why, if I could have brought it all home I indeed would have.

There were tables-with chairs!
Curio cabinets galore.
As well as decorating idea's in each area.


I liked this piece a lot.

Busy MomMa liked this black and blue set.

Isn't this sideboard wonderful? It is a renewed dresser that had been missing a few drawers. It now hosts shelves.

With my hole table collecting thoughts running rampit through my mind, I could not help but fall in strong like with this awesome picnic/dinning table.

This was one of the two dinning sets that both busy MomMa and myself liked.
I like this idea of same chairs, different color.

The sign taped to the front of this most amazing piece of cabinetry read, "Customer order~NOT for sale". I would love to see this finished.


Right next door. As in connected by a wall.
Was another antique store. So in we went!
It had a very different feel.
Like walking into my Grampa's crowded little three room apartment...or someones attic.

The woman behind the counter was just as happy as the first to let me take pictures. The lazy cat stretched across the counter eyeing us with a waiting eye, fully expected us to recognize him and give him scratches behind the ear.
Which Tiny Dancer was more than happy to do.

Admitting a fair amount of shock over seeing some of the item's considered to be 'antiques', could be an understatement.
Why I remember seeing a lot of this exact stuff as I grew up!
We ate our meal's at a table exactly like this one, only a little bit different!
I have bowl's like those under my kitchen counter's that I received as wedding gifts!
And don't even get me started on the wonders of 'corning ware'!!

To sum up our visits, I would have to say that these pieces were our favorites.

Customer ordered:

Sold yesterday:

On hold:

We did go home armed with a lot of idea's, that honestly, Has Honey more than a little worried for our furniture.

He just asked me not to make to much of it green.
This from a die hard Packer's fan!

Excuse me now, I'm off to the paint store.

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