Saturday, August 6, 2011

Change Is Good... Right?

Why is it that plan's. Most any plan's really. Never seem to come off without a hitch?
This week end had been planned for a couple of weeks. Plans for what was to be accomplished layed out. Lists of necessities made, only to later be amended.
It was to be the big clean up of the house and yard week end. Anticipation has been building, vision's of cleanliness and order dancing in our grey heads.
But it is not working out as efficiently as I had hoped.
It's sort of like the Holiday's? You expect them to be magical and special event's to remember in good ways forever~and it never seems to turn out exactly like it always did in  your head plans? Once it all begins, that is when all the hitches that can come about, do.

I set out early to sort of get a 'jump start' to my part of the famed list of things to do, so I could amend that too.
It all started innocently, with only a few can's of spray paint weighing down a very strong bag. I just had to have, after visiting that cute little store last week!
I thought, if I did some of the painting while Honey was busy elsewhere? I could get away with all of it.
And I mostly did too :)

I have discovered, after a lot of years together, that Honey is not real fond of lavender furniture, however, much to his credit, he consented. And no, not just because the deed was done, but by comparison.
Although I have employed the theory of asking for forgiveness rather than asking for permission, on....well lets just say on just about everything I do... This time I did sort of warn him.

 Seems Honey is far less fond of this particular shade of green, than any shade of lavender :)

As he watched me with pain filled eye's and his gag reflex well in check, as I lugging it all back into the house, he was able to squeak out one small request, "Please, put that green thing in a corner and put a lot of stuff on it ok? And Sweetheart?".

I paused to give him my full, doe eyed attention,

" Please don't ever do that shade of green again? Use dark, or light, or you might even consider blue next time?"

I just couldn't quite confess that it was a little...different, than I had expected.
And once every thing was put back to rights, the sun not shining directly on it causing a little bit of retinal damage, the green toned down just enough to make it passable.

Yes, it is happily in a corner covered with a lot of cross stitch, embroidery and quilting stuff.

Now I must run! I have a basement to tackle.
Keep Honey in your prayers ;) 

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