Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Christmas In August

I have been known to be a sporadic exerciser at best.

I basically haven't stuck with anything for an amount of time that could be called consistent. I have walked for goodly amounts of time, then I dwindle off and next thing you know, there is my lengthening list of reason's, why, I just can't get back to it.

Well this year I have been doing a lot better with going for walks, it's still pretty hit and miss, but I do walk places as often as I can.

My daughter has been concerned about my health for a while now and is always encouraging me to take 'better care of myself', she finally convinced me to 'trust a Dr.' and do a simple at home test...I did it and found that I am not really as healthy as a horse.

But I can be IF I start taking care of myself.

So the exercising has become more serious, the diet has changed,  I'm out door's a lot more. And it just plain feels...good!

I still struggle a little with consistency, and the loss of cookies for breakfast, but, it's only been a few week's, so I'm not beating myself up too much over it. (I am not getting headaches from the lack of sweets anymore).

Any way, last week my concerned daughter bought me a Christmas gift, telling me she wants me to use it and I wont be able to at Christmas time because of snow (we hope).
So loading me into the back seat of her car Saturday morning, as they were ready to head off to the Aquarium to see the 'Pen-goo-win's', she says, "I just need you to run this receipt into the service desk and pick up your present for me k?"

Sure, no problem, I grab the receipt and climb out of the car, since my jumping lithely out of anything is gone most day's.

As I head for the door she calls to she is driving off?

"Have fun! I love you!! Be careful crossing the street's on the way home!"


Well its only about a mile, so I went in and handed the woman at the service desk the receipt and she smiled really big as she told me they had been expecting me. Then turned around, she starting taking notes and things off of THE bike.
The bike that has lived on my "Dream Big" list for a while now. The bike I shamelessly drooled on every time I go in the store.
Bringing it around the corner of the counter while telling me she hopes I enjoy it...

Looking a little puzzled I said, "This is what it is? She got this for me?" Marcus Welby type tears pooling suddenly in my blue eye's.

"Who's that?" The woman asked innocently as she tilted the handle bar toward me.
"My daughter said she got me a Christmas present."
That's when it dawned on me why she drove away smiling like the Cheshire cat.

I havent' been on a bike for about sixteen year's, so I was nervous about tipping over or something equally embarrassing as I tried to get on, my center of gravity has after all changed a little during that time. I was a little glad that I had to walk it a few block's because it needed air in the tires.
Over to the gas station I trudged, just as happy as a four year old kid in a candy store!
I knew I didn't put as much air in as I should-because as I started the job, my mind flashed to the last time I put air in a bike's tire...Instinctively reaching my right hand up to touch my lower left chin, sliding over my top lip, quickly tracing my fingers gently up across my right cheek bone where the exploded tire had left a screaming, angry red welt as it hit there and up under my eye, curving again to reach my hair line...I was thirteen again in those few seconds.
Finishing the job to a point of safety until Honey could help me out with it, I was relieved no one was around as I lifted my leg over the bar placing my foot on the peddle and hefted myself onto the seat at the same time.
Wobble, wobble...
I was so amazed!
I could still ride a bike!
I rode in a big circle, twice! Then headed up the street on my way home.
I can not even begin to describe the memories that flooded my mind as I rode the same streets as I had as a child, with the same excitement as a girl who's training wheel's had just been taken off!!

Well that first day I rode and walked about three and a half miles. Three day's later, I rode it almost six miles and only walked two blocks.

I have to admit...I still love the feel of coasting!!

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  1. Merry Christmas! Your daughter is pretty awesome. Tell her hi for me!