Friday, August 12, 2011


So the word 'diet' causes a little bit of consternation in most folks-me included.
I have recently found myself on one, and generally doing very well.
Actually better than I thought I would.

But I figure I have been working hard, getting the a lot of important deep cleaning done, and deserve a treat.  Right?
So off to the market on the corner I headed.

I thought about getting some nice crisp apples, but that voice in my head started whispering, "You've worked hard. You should get something you haven't had for a long time...what about cookies?"
The reasoning of my cookie deprived mind had zero logic that day. I ended up coming out of the shop with a knock of brand of the cookie that milk loves.

Please, spare yourself and don't ask the reasoning behind the knock offs being preferable to the name brand...maybe I just didn't want to pay for the name this time...maybe I thought they had less sugar...there is no explaining the choice.

Sticking strictly to the serving amount, I did indeed enjoy my treat, then tucked the remainder into a large baggie to keep the succulent morsels from getting air condition moistened.
What I didn't notice was that the package slipped off the shelf when I shut the door. Coming to rest in front of the broom that leans in the corner.

A few day's later I thought I could use a treat again, but the cookie's were not to be found. That's when a touch of the crazies kicked in...Did Honey protect me from them by throwing them away? I didn't dare ask, because he was right...Wait! Busy Momma had been talking to me that night...I wondered if she had any idea where they went of to.
She started to laugh. A lot. Then asked if I threw them in the garbage, since I have been in a 'junk it' mode. As tired as I have been from all the cleaning and carting, let's just say, my memory has been off just a little by the end of the day...I couldn't remember.
So I checked...the fridge.
Seriously, I could have put them back with the milk.  Being to tired to look long or too hard, a quick glance proved they weren't in the fridge, dish washer, glass cupboard, or on the pantry shelf...fine!
I went to bed and all thoughts of cookie's were gone from my mind as soon as my head hit the pillow, and for almost a week I gave no more thought to them or any cookies.  
Then this afternoon, only because, when I opened the pantry door the broom tipped over and when setting it to rights, I noticed that something had got stuffed in the back of it's normal resting place beside the door. Reaching down to grab the offending object, barley noticing what it was, I just went to give it a toss over into the open garbage bag  resting in front of  the back door waiting to be hauled out.
Glancing at the offending object I again had the urge to treat myself to the forbidden sweets.

I really am doing better than I thought I could on this very important diet.

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  1. Ha, did you resist? And why would you go for the knock off brand when it's a treat? Next time, go for the real stuff. :0)