Friday, August 19, 2011

My Red Window

After my introduction to the antique shop earlier this month, I decided it was time to spruce things up around the house...just a bit.
You know, to sort of prepare Honey for bigger changes? He is a very good sport about my off the wall idea's, he doesn't understand them all the time, but as long as it's not wall paper he's good with it.

He has a little bit of a hard time thinking outside the box, but that's ok, I'm teaching him about it.
Like the time I needed him to make a picture frame out of old barn wood? He just couldn't or didn't want to grasp the idea that I did not want it perfectly square.
It took a lot of conversation and a leap of faith on his part, and a whole lot of stubbornness on my part. But once it was finished and the cross stitch was in place, he understood why I wanted it that way.
"I'll trust your judgement from now on." He promised before adding, "Until the next time." with a smile.

Well there have been a lot of next times between then and now, and generally speaking, we have a very similar conversation each time I enlist his help in one of my out of box schemes.

It happened again after the trip to the shop when I started going through collected treasures around the house, and strange colors of paint started showing up. He didn't start clutching at his heart until he saw the green paint I tried to slip past him :)

Can you just imagine his *consternation when I pulled this old window frame out, clumped to the garbage can with it and a hammer, then started breaking out the three remaining pains of glass into the can? Retreating to the patio with one piece of really rough sand paper and went to work.
NOT, I might add, as he thought it should be done. He kept volunteering to get me the electric sander, some wood putty to fill the holes. Telling me I should be sure to knock off all the old putty and pull out all the nails.
When I stopped sanding, he had a very hard time staying in the patio chair watching me.
Then to his continued bewilderment, I grabbed a can of left over spray paint that was only half full in one hand the window frame in the other and headed out to the paint spot.

Following he said, "You should run and get another can of paint, that isn't going to be enough." His brow furrowing, "Are you sure you want to paint it red?"
I tried to sound encouraging as I replied, "It'll be plenty. It's ok. Trust me. Yes red."
I started spraying, immediately the paint was absorbing like water to a dry desert floor, into the old, tired, thirsty wood.
In near panic, shaking his head, he said, "I should have got you the sealer before you started painting. It would help keep it from soaking in so fast."

Without stopping I reassured over my shoulder, "It's ok. Really. Trust me. Outside the box baby, remember, I play outside the box."

"Didn't I trust you last time? Maybe this time it wont work like you think." He joked a little nervously.
But I kept right on going. I did after all have a plan for this old red window.  

The plan was to fill the space on the wall near my 100 year old, huge, saved from the neighbor's dumpster by a niece, frame. That I love.

Resignation filling his voice he relented with, "Well as long as it's not that terrible so called, 'Ivy Green' you did that table...I guess I'll trust you one more time." I could tell from the sound of his voice he was really trying to convince himself it would be ok. 

 Once the paint dried, I snuck it in to hang while he wasn't looking, other wise he'd lament over me not finding a stud while hanging it where I wanted.

Once I got it into place, I went and got him to come see that the plan was working...

"Huh! It's looks pretty good. Glad I trusted you on this." He whispered as he put his arm around me, "You know don't you, that sometimes your plans worry me, right?"
"So you like my little corner of the world then?" I teased as I elbowed him gently on the arm.

"Yes. I like your little corner of the world. It fit's your personality." He smiled. "But wouldn't it have been better to paint everything to match?" He said as he stepped out the door.

"Outside the box baby. Outside the box." I called back, "Waite until you see what I am going to do to the dresser next week!"

"As long as it's not that green, I'll trust you one more time." He replied adding,"By the way. I think everybody should have a red window."

We'll go through this again next week when I start the dresser. 
Maybe I'll trick him and start it today ;)  

Consternation = bewilderment, alarm, terror, fear, panic, fright, horror.

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