Monday, August 29, 2011

Expecting The Unexpected

It is true that I do take a camera almost every place I go. Because you never know what you will see or how you will see it, or what you might miss.
I love photography because it has brought me a whole new way of looking at...well everything.

I notice people and things that might have slipped past me if I weren't looking at everything "as if ", through my camera's lenses.

There are a lot of photos that are only in my mind, because I didn't have a camera with me at the time. So I remedied that as best as I could like this.

As you may well know I encourage everyone to take a camera, for those unexpected things. I however often don't follow my own very good advice. And yesterday as I headed out the front door moving with determination up the the street on my way to church, I happened to glance down only to see a child looking up at me from a very unlikely place. I stood there a second and looked, silently debating weather to go back and get the little pocket camera I usually have with me or to continue on and take a picture of it when I got back.
I turned around and got my camera because...

Like a river, it may not be the same one I passed on the way home.

Here are a few other reasons I take a camera with me for those unexpected times.

Finding the expected as well as the unexpected is some of what helps us discover the beauty and joy there is in life.
Grab your camera when you head out the door and see what you can find :)

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