Monday, July 18, 2011

Simply Dangerous

Why is it that some day's you feel like you are trapped in something you don't know how you  got yourself into? Let alone how to get yourself out!
Sometimes what looks to be ok can turn to danger in mere seconds.

I walked out the other morning to de-bug the little blow up pool in the back yard, imagine my sadness when I saw what looked to be a drown Dragonfly.
It must have thought the water's surface was a solid object? Possibly just trying to get a drink of water? Whatever caused this tragedy, I was pretty sure the outcome was not at all what was expected.

I found a leaf that was big enough to retrieve its golden remains, gently sliding its tip under the waters surface I began to raise it slowly out of the water. To my shock, the tiny legs began grabbing for the safety of the leafs edges, groping its way up the leaf toward my hand, had me a little worried.
I'm a scardy cat when it comes to bug type critters.
So I hurried over to our raised box garden, where I knew other dragonflies of the same, as well as differing colors, like to hang out.
Selecting a nice, all be it half grass hopper eaten potato leaf, where the morning sun would be kissing it's surface for a while, I coaxed it off the rescuing leaf onto the wing drying leaf.  

I found it interesting that once set down and comfortable, other dragon flies came near then settled onto nearby leaves, as if setting up a watch of sorts.
Some flew around my head as I was setting it on the selected spot, and after I stepped back a couple came right in front of my face, then hurried off.

So many lesson's that early morning.
Now I check the wading pool every morning...Just in case something seemingly simple turns dangerous in mere seconds.

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