Friday, July 22, 2011

Walk About

I love to go for walks about town.
To see the way people express themselves in their yards.

This kind of tree is awesome.
But I am a little afraid of them.
When I was little we went trick or treating one Halloween and some 'Big Boy's', made 'ghosty noises', scaring the ba-geez-ers out of innocent passers by, then jumped out of some trees like this stealing our candy. 

I still like the shape of them though, don't you?

Also, because we live in a desert state, we can grow cactus...this is a Yucca.

 I think they have pretty flowers. However when they are looks like any other ol cactus. So I tend to enjoy them in other peoples yards.

One thing I really love about my town is...
We are a very unique and varied group of people, who don't mind standing out in our choices of yard decor.

How awesome is this, right?

Some yards are done in wildflower gardens, complete with path's, trial's, benches and lawn chairs that help collect friends to share the sights, sounds and smells.

But one of the best things about our town is that is someone brings treasures to your house, tucking them discretely under the porch bench when your not at home...
In fact, things may be added in a white elephant sort of way :)

What do you enjoy while your out for a walk about?

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