Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thankgiving Memories

Wishing you the warmth of a
Good old fashioned
Norman Rockwell Holiday

     As we drive threw the canyon and over the pass, down threw the bottoms and into the town, taking a back street to Gramma's house. My mind fills with the first time I attended one of Honey's Mom's Thanksgiving Dinner's.

     I had never seen so much food in one spot!!!

     She used a full sized plastic garbage can, they kept in the basement with the sole purpose of it's existence being, to make stuffing.

     She had three of the biggest turkey's I had ever seen.
     Raising a turkey yourself you get some pretty darn big birds,
and these were the size that, each, required taking out all the racks in the oven, lowering the remaining one to the lowest level, then trying to fit that well rounded bird into that tiny square opening of the oven. And quite possibly four strong men to accomplish the task.
     I am amazed to this day that it was accomplished.
     Two ham's and roast beef. A mountain of potatoes had been peeled and mashed. Milk pitchers full of turkey or beef gravy. Not to mention, enough homemade rolls to fill a good sized granary.

     Tables covered in matching white table cloth's, full settings as close together as possible, stretching the length of three room's in their old Victorian home.

     Then the family's started arriving close to noon, to help with last minute preparations. Each bearing more food as they came! Salads and goodies in staggering quantities.

     Not a seat was left empty.

     Honey's Dad was at one end of the table, while Grampa P. occupied the other. Every one was dressed nicer than ordinary day's. That is, except Gramma and Grampa. They were in their Sunday best.

     All activity stopped as Grampa stood, adjusting his tie as we quieted. Then each of us closing our eye's and bowing our heads, listening closely as he blessed the food, the people that had gathered, as well as those who weren't able to be there, and for those who had preserved, and make our freedom's possible.

     As he sat down and picked up his fork signaling the feed was on.
Talking and laughing, reminiscing and planning...

     After the efficient clean up was completed, out came the Tripoly board. People scattered to retrieved the jars of pennies they had collected over the year and hefted them back to the tables...

     Gramma rolling up her sleeve's and threatening to clean us all out.

     This year, I'm planning to have that once a year piece of pumpkin pie smothered in whipped cream at the end of a scrumptious dinner.
After we clean up and settle in to complain of over eating, while letting our stomach's rest...only to head for "Just a bite of the salad" or "A sliver of the pie I didn't have room for before"...

     I hope to accomplish a little embroidery work I need to get finished. Then I have some pretty big plans to pick up my knitting needles and start a pair of sock's...

Then again.
I might just sit a minute and remember.
To look forward.

May God Bless. 

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