Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Dusty Old Lady In The Cupboard And Me

I noticed her for the first time again.
Sitting there quietly in her her dusty chair, in her equally dusty cupboard. Smiling serenely, with a bit of a distant look in her eye. Was it memories, wistfulness, hope, or faith my mom had managed to paint into her face so many years ago?

There we stayed, looking at each other through the fingerprinted glass, each understanding the other's circumstance.

She had been new and loved, sitting on my Mom's dresser, then came the time when she was seemingly forgotten and covered in dust. Then one day she came to live at my house, becoming new again, treasured daily and dusted weekly.  Then I started to babysit my youngest grand daughter and became busier than I thought I had been.

Please don't pity her for sitting in her shroud of dust, she is content.
Nor tisk-tisk me for letting her lapse into such a state, I am content.
Besides, I'll have plenty of time to dust...later. Right now I'm to busy, I have tea parties and dress ups, baby doll's to rock, races to run and cookies to bake while reading book's and trying to find time to get the laundry done.

We're quite a pair, that dusty old lady in the cupboard and me.

Wait a minute, wait a minute! Is that a smirk she's throwing my way?!

And just in case you were wondering? Yes, the angel in the kitchen is still covered in dust, it's not  'poop'!

Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not. So we might as well dance.
Japanese Proverb

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  1. One of my favorite poems is about leaving some things undone to enjoy the more important things (link here: Plus, I hate dusting.