Monday, November 22, 2010

Pretty Flower's

I have been wanting to make myself some flower pins.
Some really BIG flower pins.
For any number of uses.
I have collected patterns and ideas for a long time.
Not years...but maybe A year.
And last week I finally made some!

Yeah for me :)

I have never been good at giving directions, so I'm hoping this isn't to confusing, in case you want to make one too.

Yeah for you :)

I used Off White, Peaches n Cream cotton for the first one.
(The kind you use to knit and crochet dish rags with).

It was quick and easy.

With a size 'J' hook

Chain 4 join to form a ring.
Into the center of the ring I began with a slip stitch *chain 15 slip stitch into center ring*. Repeated to form six (6) petals.

Next I made a *double crochet in each of the 15 stitches, slip stitched into the top of the previous slip stitch*. Repeating until I came back to the starting point and finished it off. Weaving in the ends.

Then I cut out a small felt circle and holding it on the back of the flower I hand stitched a pin and a button to the flower at the same time.

Fluffed it and pinned it to my Levi jacket :)

I think I will try one with red heart worsted weight yarn next.

 Wanting something bigger and brighter, I chose my next project;

I found the pattern for this amazing flower  HERE .
The first one is always the slowest for me, but I finished in in under an hour, with a renewed and somewhat healthier respect for a hot glue gun...

I used hot glue because I didn't have any of the glue they recommended, and while Elmer's is good...I thought these might at some point get snowed on...

The first one I made had a pin attached to the back, and that caused a little bit of a problem for my leather coat...

So I made a second Dahlia / Poinsettia using a small round,  heavy duty magnet I found in the craft section as Wal Mart.


No holes! 

Just a couple of ideas for you Winter flower garden enjoyment.

And May God Bless

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