Monday, November 22, 2010

Cold Winter Nights

     And so it begins!

     We knew it wouldn't last. At least that's what we kept telling each other. We all knew the North Wind would eventually blow, bringing with it the arctic winds and snows. And that happened this week.

     It seems like Winter came last Wednesday at about 7:30 or 8:00 a.m.,
     That long three day's ago has been relatively gentle.

     That is, until this afternoon.

     The radio announcer on the afternoon Christmas music station, tried, to sound cheerful as he did his best to impress the seriousness of the news he was sharing.
     "A Winter weather advisory is being issued for tomorrow after noon and evening. Heavy blizzard conditions are expected to travel the length of the State. Moving from North to South, bringing deep snow and hazardous driving conditions with it."

     Oh sure it's cold and 'sleeting' out there now, the wind seeping into your bones despite all the best laid plan's to maintain body heat.
Some wood piles and kindling bin's have been filled and are being used a little bit.
     But if the storm brings in something like this;

     Everyone will soon be wishing for a fire place or wood burning stove.

     Because for some reason that sort of heat just feels warmer than the furnace. I can't explain it. It is just an undeniable fact for me.

     I love the smell of Winter fireplaces when I walk out side.
     The way the smoke from the chimney's seem to find each other and combine to climb the mountain's in an attempt to reach the clouds.

     I grew up in an old house.

     Five of us kids sharing three small bedrooms. Two in the converted attic bedroom's and one tucked back in the North West corner behind the kitchen.

     There was no insulation in the roof, and we slept under two heavy, heavy, woolen army blankets that  Gramma had turned into quilts and had covered and recovered until they weighed roughly 400 pounds each.

     *sigh* Now that my friends is Warmth.

     I would sleep with my head tucked under the blankets to keep my nose warm. We would fold our feet up into our flannel nighties, tucking the fabric in under us, with our back's together for warmth.

     Our only source of heat was two small 1' x 5' wall heater's on the main floor. One mounted on a dining room the other in the living room.

     On the mornings that we could see our breath when we woke up, we would slide a hand out the side of the bed, grab our clothes and stuff them to the bottom of the bed to warm up. If it was really, really cold, we would dress under the covers, then race to a heater. Cranking the dial all the way up, then standing with our back's almost touching them to get warm.

     On those extra cold morning's Mom would light the small gas oven, opening the door for us little ones to sit on while we ate a bowl of 'stick-to-your-ribs' oatmeal'. 

     I never even knew there was such a thing as a wood stove or fireplace. If I did I would have petitioned Santa for one regularly!

     Funny how I miss those day's when this time of year comes around.

     The freezing winds moaning past the window's, while snow is piling against the window sill's...I snuggle deeper under a quilt that feels to light to be warm, tucking my feet into my flannel night gown, and wonder, if I'm to old to petition Santa for a wood stove or fireplace this year?


May your Holiday's be warm,
May God Bless.

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