Friday, November 19, 2010

Some Of The Hard 'Stuff' We Do...

I like this picture.
It's a nice picture.
The space of this picture isn't big.
It is really just a tiny spot of a much bigger space.
It is a picture full of hope to me.
I like all the colors, textures and temperatures all mixed up together.

It reminds me that 'stuff' can seem mixed up and jumbled if I'm to close to it, but if I stand back and look at it, some parts fade, some parts are just done, and some parts are beautiful and in focus.

For now anyway.

My brother-in-laws birthday is this week end.
It's the first one he isn't here for.
His wife, my sister, has had a very hard year without him.
To her is seems that 'stuff' is all mixed up and jumbled. She is not ready, or sure how,  to let go of old dreams. And she is afraid to let herself start dreaming new dreams.

We all have to go through this process of letting go of some dreams and finding new one's through out our lives. It's just that sometimes the process is so agonizingly painful we wonder if we can even breath through it.

My brother and his wife are in the thick of some major 'stuff'.
He has brain cancer that is killing him.
They are in a place of 'stuff' I can only imagine.
He writes of hearing the sound of the wild geese, and wondering if it will be the last time he hears them. And he is missing it in advance.

Some 'stuff' takes a long time before we are able to stand back at look at it. 

I read this the other day...And wondered What would your sign say? 

Some day's we all would have a sandwich board with reason's to please be gentle with me.

It's not always' easy to Smile and remember;
We're fool's whether we dance or not.
And it's not always easy to keep dancing.
Sometimes its the hardest thing in the world to do.
But we do it anyway.
Because we are all very brave, very special individuals.
And one day we will be able to I stand back and look at some of the 'stuff' that was mixed up and jumbled, seeing that some parts faded, some parts are just done, and some parts are beautiful and in focus.

For now.

In honor of us all, I would just like to end this, and future posts as Red Skeleton appropriately ended all of his shows...

May God Bless.
Red Skeleton

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