Thursday, November 10, 2011

Woolly Worm Winter

According to folk wisdom, when the brown bands on fall woolly bears are narrow, it means a harsh winter is coming.

First let me mention that I haven't seen a woolly worm for a very, really, long time, so imagine my surprise when I saw this little guy working it's way up a wall at The Peak last week.

Please keep in mind that I grew up with the likes of,  "Hurricane Daisy" from the Clampett's of Beverly Hill's and her "weather beetle, Cecil". Not to mention my Grampa watching how the spider's were building their webs, so it's not a far stretch of the imagination for me to watch for woolly worms.

He appeared as interested in me, as I was in him. I even got the impression he was posing for me.

If the prediction's are true...this woolly worm is bringing the news of a harsh winter. It may be bringing the news of a lot of snow, it may be bringing news of a lot of crazy cold, it may be bringing a strong combination of the two... I guess we will just have to wait and see :)

Hey? Do you think Woolly Worms have a weather prediction involving the sighting of humans and their weight?

Thick one's mean a harsh winter?

If so this guy went home on the run, screaming a warning to all the woolly worms to batten down the hatches, 'The harshest winter we've seen in a very, really, long time is on the door step!!!'

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